Hello Asgardians,

This is Alessia, 24 years old, almost psychologist and baby researcher in this field.

I have postulated for the "strategist" position with a clear idea in mind: I want to contribute to make Asgardia a resilient community.

Resilience is the ability to cope with change, especialy in negative situations. Now is time to change, to evolve. Resilience should be considered a process rather than just a trait.  Improving the ability to cope to any situation is vital in every context. It become the more and more true with the new reality of Asgardia.
Prevention is worthier than cure. I'm finishing a Msc in psychology at the university of Geneva (ch) and I'm about to start a PhD on resilience. Push human bounderies is my life goal, that is why I truly belive in Asgardia's project. Please, give me an opportunity :-)

here: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/807670-11471-i-want-to-contribute-to-make-asgardia-a-resilient-community/