Hi, my official name is Sylvain Bradford but I'm more known as Ali Bradford CEOof a small intercontinental consortium in IT sectors and they are some peoples who believe as I am a great one.

  I am a descendant of William Bradford, born in Canada in 1974, and I immigrated to India 11 years ago to provide a better standard of living to those who need it most, where I found my family with my wife and our two children a nine-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy all born in India and Asgardians.

The real values of a person it's what he left behind to make use of his existence for humanity, that is why I present my candidacy to the election of Asgardia in the French district #6.

  I base my campaign on real technology not only existing and available on the market but also affordable and proven, like the Bigelow Expandable Module (B.E.M.) series. THE NEW HORIZON... as I titled my campaign includes an assembly of several modules B330s and B2100s (Olympus) launched by Falcon Heavy in arc formation with a rotation induced by plasma thrusters diffused on each module providing a centrifugal force of 1G.

 THE NEW HORIZON... a self-financed project. The B2100s modules can serve as hotels for space tourism as well as buildings for luxury residential flats with upfront payables reservations. This will be done without the need for aggressive investments and will also finance the Royal Asgardian Space Port (R.A.S.P.). Our space sport will provide accommodations not only for refueling and as transit to the Moon and Mars colonization previous to be launched in 0003-2019 but also for all the space companies and transport like Planetary Resources, Deep Space Industries (D.S.I.), SpaceX, Boeing, sncorp, Virgin Galactic, xcor, and much more even laboratories like Space Pharma could be added. Small centrifugal with variable rotational velocity to permit and facilitate a progressive readaptation on 1G for space travelers and workers after having been in microgravity for a long period. All these economic activities will also finance free habitations and "patriation" for Asgardians citizens and all government services. 

To make this become real, vote for me Sylvain Bradford candidate in the French district #6. Thank's for your collaboration.