Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 20:07 UTC

Welcome to the Campaigning Forum!  

Welcome to the Campaigning Forum!

This forum is for all Asgardians who are running for their local area leadership. They can open a topic in this forum to state their running platform and discuss issues with those who would vote for them.

All other topics opened for campaigning in other forums will be moved to this forum so that they can be found all in one place.

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 21:12 UTC

The rule is still where only people who accepted the Constitution are allowed to be candidates, correct?


Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 20:01 UTC

If interested to vote for a "Space for Anyone" Program:https://asgardia.space/.../32136-3313-space-for-all-amp.../ Thank you, whatever!

Asgardian Profile: https://asgardia.space/en/user/32136/profile/view/

Dear @ll, 

We are witnessing the birth of a new Space era: we are truly living in an incredible time! 

So, together we can decide to create our future and play there an exciting proactive role. This is where Sciences, peaceful exploration, universal protection & enlightened humanism have to be built up & supported by an empowered society³ to be invented.

Make our Humanity be great again, within Space we can!

Space 4 All & All 4 Space !-)

See you soon in 1, soon or later in 0 g ! I've got some ideas about such a program !-)


Weightless Flight Surgeon, MD, MSc, EMBA Student¹

Aerospace Physician & ZeroG Instructor

United Nations rotary wing Aeromedical Evacuations Flight Surgeon

Flight participant training & support professional passionate about Human, Space, Exploration, Science, STEM Education, Healthcare.

Advocate for the "Space for Anyone" era and Mars enthusiast with an open world ideal.

Currently, working and writing about psychological aspects of "ICE missions" (Isolated Confined missions in an Extreme environment).


¹exp. Asgard 0002 !-)

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 21:15 UTC

Rebekah I'm not sure if I am official candidate. An debutant. how check this? Maybe you can check. Please answer.

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 07:05 UTC

I love and listen to people because i am just like another man on asgardia not a business person & i will listen to all of you and provide a solution  for your problems.©

Vote for me .

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 20:00 UTC

I need 10 votes for the Level 1: Debutant

Responsible for my city Santo Domino de Guzmán for connecting our people!

What would be my role?

Support the petitions of my group in Santo Domingo de Guzmán;
Apply for grants and scholarships;
Submit proposals to higher-level leaders;
Determine the level of openness of the group and the prices for accreditation of third-party groups or members of his/her group.




Necesito 10 votos para el nivel 1: Debutante

Responsable de mi ciudad, Santo Domino de Guzmán, ¡Para conectar a nuestra gente!

Cuál sería mi papel

Apoyar las peticiones de mi grupo en Santo Domingo de Guzmán;
Solicitar subvenciones y becas;
Presentar propuestas a los dirigentes de más alto nivel;
Determinar el nivel de receptividad del grupo y los precios de acreditación de los grupos o miembros de terceros o de su grupo.

Nov 23, 17 / Sag 19, 01 07:42 UTC


Dear Asgardians, within my program, I consider it necessary to pay attention to primary school, secondary school and primary vocational education of the citizens of the kingdom. Therefore I am willing to develop and present an educational program that will meet the modern requirements of training of young specialists.

There is no doubt that a good professional education on quality preparation of the student throughout the educational process, starting from an early age. And this moment cannot be underestimated. In this connection, you need to pay attention to training in the basic sciences. Mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and history. Equally important is the education in native language and literature, classical world literature and foreign languages.

In connection with considerable distribution across the globe of Asgardians, perhaps you should pay attention to the possibility of distance education, as adult citizens of Asgardia and children through the internet. For example, using skype, and a dedicated website.

High-quality, fundamental education should become standard for citizens of Asgardia, due to the fact that the tasks assigned to them, cannot be resolved without appropriate knowledge.

We need to guarantee citizens free access this knowledge in full volume in the selected area. The citizens should receive a common set of knowledge in the areas named above that will allow them to maintain a decent level of education.

Jan 27, 18 / Aqu 27, 02 11:58 UTC


I live in Athens, Greece where Democracy has been born 2.500 years ago.

My vision is to bring pure democracy into Asgardia, in order to ensure equal rights for every citizen.

The Athenian Democracy was founded upon the core values of freedom and equality. Freedom of speech, equality in education, health, elected and with an equal opportunities political system. It was these fundamental principles that created the necessary environment for civilization to flourish and great artifacts and monuments to be built.

But, what is the real meaning of Democracy?

Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία dēmokratía, literally "rule of the people"), in modern usage, is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body, such as a parliament. 

Democracy consists of four key elements: 

A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections

The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life

Protection of the human rights of all citizens, and 

rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens. 


Our Vision

To create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and make policy decisions based on the will of the majority

Our Mission

To build democracy through transparency, education and collaboration

Our Goals

Create laws, policies, and structures that respect the human rights

Ensure that all citizens are equal and have the same rights

Protect and reinforce citizen rights

Create strong and autonomous economy

Make information accessible to every citizen 

Protect and ensure internet freedom and neutrality

Our Values

Inclusiveness – We welcome all and oppose to discrimination based on race, color, spiritual belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and national origin

Nonpartisanship – We believe that the value of democracy transcends any political party affiliation

Quality – We strive to ensure that our work meets the highest standards of accuracy and thoroughness

Originality – We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches that adapt to the new reality

Integrity – We subscribe to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings

Transparency – Our operations and decision-making processes will be subject to control by all citizens

Best Regards

Andreas Chiou

Candidate for District #13 

Profile: https://asgardia.space/en/elections/candidates/Other/20655/#

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Feb 14, 18 / Pis 17, 02 06:05 UTC

We are creating a new nation based upon UNITY EQUALITY and PEACE. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past; that have severely limited the scientific, social, and moral evolution of humanity.  Asgardia represents a new way for humanity; that whilst will be difficult; and take much time to achieve; is still a viable goal for us.

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May 30, 18 / Can 10, 02 22:15 UTC

Here we enter as human beings, without distinction in order to create an ideal society, we must remove the current chip and put a new blank!

I believe that the best thing that a society can have is to keep the values that human nature gives us the moment we are born, because I agree with being tolerant but it does not mean accepting facts that go against these values.

With this I want to express that we need this nation to be free from the degradations that exist in the world against the human being.

Today we want to see as normal things that are not natural, wars, gender changes, drug use, etc .. But without doubt these things go against an ideal society ....

For me, an ideal society is one that respects the natural course of things. And a healthy family nucleus, as the foundation of a healthy society, with principles and values governed by the natural order of things ...

While we can tolerate, we can not accept creating a new nation by inheriting the vices and misrepresentations of our societies.

Jun 29, 18 / Leo 12, 02 19:36 UTC

Bonjour à chaque humain lisant ceci, vous n’etes pas sans savoir que nous ne sommes pas ici pour refaire les erreurs du passé et du présent. Vu le nombre de citoyens d’Asgardia en France vous ne pensez pas que la priorité devrait être le recrutement plutôt que de vouloir tirer un peu la couverture en proposant une candidature, qui, si elle parait suspecte d’un ego ayant besoin de s’affirmer, un peu prématurée vu la connaissance qu’a l’etre humain lambda sur Asgardia ?

Le questionnement et la prise de conscience suite à ce laïus me paraîtrait déjà être un bon début pour Asgardia, car l’autocritique et l’empathie sont tous sauf des qualités que possède notre monde actuel. 

Une Humanité, Une Communauté 

Jul 12, 18 / Leo 25, 02 22:09 UTC

I am a candidate for parliamentary elections. Please vote for me. As someone who believes in the power of knowledge, I make every effort to have all humanity on equal terms. On my personal internet site, I had been sharing before this topic. I hope you will believe my sincerity and vote for me.