May 14, 18 / Gem 22, 02 13:40 UTC

Your support will help create my holistic think-ology platform, please check it out and vote for me  


A holistic view of humanity and Asgardia will achieve unity, my goal is to achieve this view through the objectives of Asgardia and its citizens, if you agree with my platform then please give me a vote 🗳 

Thank you 😊 

May 14, 18 / Gem 22, 02 21:33 UTC

Hi John ! I really appreciated your candidate platform ! Thank you for taking the time to detail us your vision and to tell us about those life lessons. I really hope to see you in the parliament, your wisdom and peace of mind will bring a welcomed balance.

I pick the occasion to ask you some questions as you were in the military field.

It was suggested that Asgardia will eventually have a Safety force and a Cyber security command.

I can’t stop my self from thinking where do these forces will be able to train legally and where and how they could have headquarters in your opinion ? Posted by Nisseum Abdeljelil on Facebook 


Well yes and no, I know there are organizations here in the US that already do this here.  Not sure how they do it, I suppose they have to have a license or something, but I’m sure it can be done, I would imagine some countries have similar laws.  Good question I do some research on it, and thank you for your comments 😊

May 16, 18 / Gem 24, 02 12:50 UTC

Help me create my holistic approach in Asgardia which I believe will help create and maintain unity!  Check out my platform and vote 🗳 🙂

May 17, 18 / Gem 25, 02 01:07 UTC

I believe Asgardia should have its own University 😉 we could call it “Asgardia University” We could establish an online university at first, we would have to figure out a holistic curriculum that best meets Asgardia’s goals, figure out registration and supply fees, required inventory and assets, and have the online program developed.  We can generate revenue by opening it up to everyone, citizens and non-citizens alike, plus we would have to get accreditation recognition from as many countries as possible.  Eventually opening a physical location 😊 Your thoughts 🤔

Edited: registration and supply fees are for non citizens however no fees required for citizens 😊