I hope I am not alone on this. Many of us (those running in the elections) received an email regarding candidacy. They said if you have any questions, that we should email elections@Asgardia.space. I had a question, sent an email (June 27th), and have not had a response. Or even an acknowledgement of my question. So allow me to ask my question here and hopefully get a response.

"It seems I'm still a little confused as to why candidates have 3 separate profiles where people can vote. I asked the question on the forum and did not receive an answer. The voting process has been very vague and a little wish wash.
During the election, I have promoted myself as a strategist and in doing so, have received votes.

Logically, I have enough votes to be a debutant. I fear that under the current process, those votes will be wasted as my debutant profile has 0 votes and my strategist profile does not have enough (100) votes. 

In the letter, I was told "Candidates are given a week to select one level, and if no selection is made, all of the candidate’s applications will be deleted." - I have done this and have deleted my profiles that have 0 votes. I now have a single profile of Strategist.

My question to you is, when voting closes, will my current votes under strategist count towards making me a debutant? If these votes do not count towards my being a debutant, why not? Surely people will vote for a single person, and then votes counted. After the votes have been counted, then 1 of the 3 levels (debutant, strategist, trendsetter) applied to the candidate."

Can anyone answer my question?

Thank you
Brendan Taylor