Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 11:04 UTC

Re: Canadian embassy  

Since Ottawa is where the Canadian government seat, it'd be just logical and very practical to get our embassy there... even if on a demographic point of view, not so many Asgardians living in Ottawa's area (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the areas where most of Canadian Asgardians are established). Therefore, Asgardian cultural offices/centers could be created where there's enough Asgardians present in a definite area (probably encouraging volunteering and by promoting the Asgardian values through cultural activities and artworks).

As Quebecer, i'd of course love to have our embassy in Quebec city, the seat of our national government... but to throw the Asgardian embassy in the middle of our Canada vs Québec national identity controversies wouldn't be fair, nor serving our Asgardian interests. So my vote would go to Ottawa... but if the Québec gain its recognition and its independence, be sure that i'll do everything to get our Asgardian embassy! hehehe :P 


Puisque Ottawa est là où le gouvernement Canadien siège, il n'est que logique et d'autant plus pratique que notre ambassade y soit aussi présente... ceci dit malgré que sur un point démographique, fort peu d"Asgardiens vivent près d'Ottawa (Vancouver, Toronto et Montréal étant les régions où le plus de Canadiens-Asgardiens sont établis). De ce fait, des centres/bureaux culturel Asgardiens pourraient être créé là où la population Asgardienne serait suffisament présente (probablement encourageant le volontariat et promouvant les valeurs Asgardienne au travers d'activités culturelles et artistiques).

En tant que Québécois, sans nul doutes j'adorerais que notre ambassade soit dans la ville de Québec, là où siège notre gouvernement national.... mais cependant il ne serait pas décent, ni ne servirait les intérêts des Asgardiens, de jeter notre ambassade en plein milieux de nos controverses et de nos crises identitaire nationale Canado-Québécoises. Alors donc, mon vote va vers Ottawa... mais si le Québec acquiert aussi sa reconnaissance et son indépendance, soyez sûr que je ferai tout pour qu'on ait aussi notre ambassade! :P

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Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 04:12 UTC

I am leaning towards the one embassy in Ottawa and satellite offices in the west. As the number of Asgardians in Canada rises we can relook at the options then.

Oct 26, 17 / Oph 19, 01 19:31 UTC

There are not many active here in Ottawa, but if you do decide to make it here, let me know, I'll volunteer

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 07:38 UTC

As a westcoaster, I feel that it would be easiest for me if it were in Victoria, because I am selfish like that.

Putting my personal views aside and thinking about Asgardia first, I believe that Sask. would be financially more feasible, and would offer the cheapest flights I bet for everyone else.

Hell, that is only a 2-3 day drive from any side of the nation (yes I have driven across canada in 3.5 and a bit days so it is possible).

Now if we are going to take how long it would take to get to the UN into consideration then think of this, there would be an embassy in the US so it doesn't matter anyways!

Also placing it in Sask. would make it more neutral towards canadian politics.

Or it could be placed in the Yukon so then it would be closer to 2 other nations (USA and RUSSIA).

But if we place it in the Maritimes then it would have the shortest flight to Asgardia NGO hq.

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