Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 07:51 UTC

Re: Hello Canadian-Asgardians  

Greetings and Salutations!

I currently reside in the Cowichan Valley on our beautiful Vancouver Island!

I was pretty much raised in the Fraser Valley, and have traveled all across North America.

I am a technician and middle management individual, small business owner, artist, and a father of 3 spawn currently.

Feel free to check out my Parliamentary Candidacy Platform:

Also Check out the Parliament Discussion section of our forum:

Jan 15, 18 / Aqu 15, 02 22:41 UTC

Hi All, 

I'm in Corner Brook Newfoundland.  I just moved back after 10 years in Tacoma Washington.  I have my bachelor degree in Accounting, am a self published author and a mommy to a disabled child.  In the next week I will be submitting my business plan for funding.  

Aug 19, 18 / Lib 07, 02 00:02 UTC

What is the name of your book(s) faea? I live in Kingston Ontario :) I've been interested in Asgardia since 2016 because I believe that space-travel is a necessary step for the survival of intelligent life!

Aug 27, 18 / Lib 15, 02 22:40 UTC

Hey guys!

Vote me for mayor of Toronto and let's make Asgardia great:

Thanks for your support :)