some will ask how I think a government system would be under my proposed campaign proposal, let's say that the supreme space council will be made up of the presidents of the 12 ministries holds the executive power in conjunction with the HON elected by popular election

asgardia government will be a team consisting of thirteen members with equal rights. Each member of the government acts as the head of a department of the administration, but all major government decisions are taken by the consensus of the majority of the voting members of the thirteen members. The members of asgardia goverment are usually (re-) elected every five years

There is no legal limit to the total term of office, ministers who have done a good job can continue in office if they are elected by the parliament

supreme space council from among the members of the supreme council for 6 month term that run concurrently. The head of nation has almost no powers over and above his or her 12 colleagues, but undertakes representative functions normally performed by a president or prime minister in single-executive systems.  

I want your opinions on this is very adaptable this model to asgardia the key elements

1)never the HON can make decisions unilaterally without the vote of the supreme space council

2)the supreme espace council can rotate functions as head of state during a period of 6 months (the only thing that could give it this status is to be able to represent asgardia in international entities UN, galactic federation? XD

3) recommend that the candidates of the supreme space council be elected by the parliament from a pool of candidates proposed by the parliament, civic asgardia and the supreme space council

these can only be chosen if there is agreement in parliament for this

if there is no agreement, a second section will be made where the parliament, civic asgardia and HON choose their pool of candidates

if in that case there is no agreement a sorting of the candidacies of each of the ministries would be done

I would recommend that the HON position can be defined by popular choice and that they can participate if the candidate meets age, knowledge and experience (the age of 50 would be the recommended age for these cases)