Hello, Candidates.

The Elections Office of Administrative Affairs is ready to help candidates in the 0002 (2018) Parliament elections to succeed in their campaigns. Please learn more about our functions by reading Purpose of the Elections Office (https://goo.gl/vCWFkp).

Any Asgardian may nominate themselves to become a leader. To have your campaign profile approved so you may collect votes, there are several requirements to consider. The minimum age for a candidate is 18 years old. One must be over age 40 to campaign for Parliament. All candidates must accept the Constitution of Asgardia, complete the required fields of their Personal Profile, upload a personal Photo showing their real face, and complete a Campaign Profile using their real name. Before to March 1, 2018 a good candidate must upload a copy of their identification and of their CV / Resume. These documents are not shared or made public - they are used as internal documentation to verify your identity.

On the Campaign Profile is a place for a platform statement. A campaign platform is a statement of what you wish to achieve for Asgardia. It should explain your goals and list steps you take to bring them to reality. A platform must be in English and if desired on your District Language - machine translation from an online service is acceptable. A platform must be reasonable - no fantasy or wild promises. A platform must be informative and longer than a few sentences. This is a place to share your ideas and views for the future of Asgardia. Use this space to convince others to support your ideas. This is not a time to say only the words  “vote for me.” Please ensure that your candidate page is free of plagiarism; everything you publish must be written by you. To help you clarify your campaign platform or to develop talking points to share your ideas with other Asgardians, consider looking at a form made by Civic.Asgardia, “Develop Your Campaign.” (https://goo.gl/HFh2NR)

The Elections Office is here to support candidates who need help with platforms. Contact elections@asgardia.space if you have questions or problems.

Before I became our new Elections Manager, I have worked with Asgardia since its early days. I helped to organize the first Facebook groups and formed Civic.Asgardia, a core group of volunteers and moderators dedicated to supporting the flourishing community within Asgardia. I look forward to helping our candidates for Parliament and government work take the next steps to build our new nation.

Thank you.

Nikari “Nik” Steve Miller

Elections Office, Administrative Affairs