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I do believe as every candidate for a parliament seat want to make a difference in Asgardia.

But how this is the question?

The majority of the candidate doesn't even know what will be their function as a parliament member. The function of a parliament member in Asgardia need to be more explained to the candidates.

How will be the parliamentary procedure in the Asgardian government? 

The structure is quite of different, just the fact as we are not divided by different political parties make a huge difference. The parliament chamber will obviously be virtual at least for the timing to have a physical territory.

  1. Then the periods of questions. How will they be applied an divided? 
  2. Will the motions be applied In the parliamentary procedure as defined in Robert's Rules of Order?
  3. Will the parliament members be recognized by the chairman as being entitled to obtaining the floor?
  4. As a virtual parliament do we will have protection against spammed motions?
  5. Will the mover need another member of the body to seconds the motion to the consideration by the assembly occurs?
  6. How will the chair state the motion?
  7. How will the previous notice be regulated for deposition?
  8. What will be the classification of motions and their priorities?
  9. What will be the rules on use?
  10. And about the renewal of motions?

Give your opinion and vision on the subject of this topic and invite your friends to do the same it's will be like a motion on the motion subject    

             "I move".  


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Jan 7, 18 / Aqu 07, 02 00:03 UTC

Good post. I am interested in hearing other's thoughts on how this would work. I agree with you that the information about what the roles involve has been limited. 

We will all be entering into this with our own experience of what parliament is like, based on our cultural differences. Many aspects of parliament are great on paper, but in reality have a different effect to the one intended by the guidelines.

Your post suggests adapting a traditional (USA) style of parliamentary debate and procedure. I have used similar procedure guidelines in community groups and government meetings. My concern with this is that it doesn't have the flexibility to seek and respond to truly new ideas. Order is important, but flexibility is too. 

This is a good list of questions for us all to think about.

Jan 10, 18 / Aqu 10, 02 07:45 UTC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dear Eleanor Jain, Thanks for your constructive reply.

You are concerned by the lacking in flexibility offer In the parliamentary procedure as defined in Robert's Rules of Order, and I do! 

Bringing more flexibilities In the parliamentary procedure of Asgardia as the one offers in the Robert's Rules of Order is imperative for a virtual parliament to performing fluently. But how to do it without bringing chaos in or parliament, especially when the majority of the future parliament members do not have any formation or experience in this matter?

We also need to avoid parliamentary procedure complexity atop those already existing in the Robert's Rules of Order

However, we need to know what will be the rules of order applied in our parliament to be prepared before our entry in function as parliament members. That's was the mean idea behind this post. Hopefully, we gonna be more informed before the end of the present election.    


Jan 31, 18 / Pis 03, 02 21:10 UTC

Dear Sylvain, I find your post very useful. In line with the constitution and with the announcements so far, I present you that I have understood.Please correct me if I get it wrong. From the day the parliament opens we have 3 months to become the government. This means that some procedures should be run with strict time constraints. I'm thinking for the start , the support team should provide parliament with a web site with strong support for automatic translation. In the main column , only members can write but with the capability for each entry (by side, like the posts in the fb of the Asgardia)to comment by the citizens. So there will be interaction with the citizens without loading the main column. 1) In the Parliament web site, all members should register their presence in 2 or 3 days with a brief greeting(not more than 2 rows). The Parliament Chairman should be voted, or nominated for a few reasons, shortly , and each member should state (reasanably) wich (up to 4 at the most) of the 12 permanent committees he/her/other considers can best contribute. The act of appointing the Par.Chairman will be at the end of the first week. 2) The debate will begin immediately to determine the parliamentary procedure for the adoption of parliamentary acts, also the procedure for the approval of national symbols and to legislate on their use . Also must determine how many mempers each committee will consist of. The Par. Chairman will ask the Head of Nation and the Supreme Space Council to propose (reasonably) the Chairman of the Government, in not more than 15 days.3) According to the mempers statements and the decisions on the number of members in the committees the Par. Chairman will appoint the members ( and alternates) to each committee.Once appointed the Gov. Chairman (end of first month), will be instructed to propose (reasonably) his ministers within 30 days.  So at the end of the third month, all the above work should be completed, the ministers will be approved and so we will have the key elements of the government. I missed some small works in between, but this is one way. If someone thinks of more practical way, please speak.Kind regards! 


Feb 2, 18 / Pis 05, 02 08:02 UTC

We may be carefully taken into consideration those parliament members who're living in the third world countries like those found in Asia, Africa, South-America, and also some remote area like northern Canada or central Australia where some delay could occur due to there bad network connections. The equal access as to be a priority.          

May 7, 18 / Gem 15, 02 21:34 UTC

I may be jumping on a suggestive boat here, but I believe the trip to Vienna by the Parliament elects, would deal with this issue, if that's the case I would only suggest that the Asgardian be more transparent about how the Parliament would be run, so we as citizens can know where our input goes to, I also believe that the Asgardian election committee would eliminate unqualified so that a repetition of the state of most third world country doesn't occur, I might probably be unqualified for the position I'm running but I would accept it since I was declared unqualified (Administrative Assistant in the Ministry of Culture)