Mar 2, 18 / Ari 05, 02 14:14 UTC

I am very disappointed  

Yesterday I have spent the entire day reading candidate platforms and there are so many atrocities and so many absurdities that I don't know how to start.

Yes, you are right, this post is me venting out.

Well, lets start, so what did I see:

-Open a candidate platform and see that he has only a single line written which doesn't have more than 5 words. I went to check how many votes the candidate have and he had 100+ votes. So I went to twitter, facebook, linkedin, gab, and others... and NO, NOT A SINGLE POST ABOUT ASGARDIA AT ALL... (How did he get so many votes without even speaking, I'm here giving everything that I have, making projects, giving ideas for funding and this candidate that simply didn't spoke at all has double the votes that I have?) Actually I have read more than 100+ candidates that have only a single line written, ONLY A SINGLE LINE WRITTEN, ONLY A F SINGLE LINE WRITTEN AT THEIR PLATFORMS AND THEY HAVE MORE VOTES THAN I DO.

-Open a candidate platform, there is nothing but his HEADSHOT. YEP, not even a single line written. Just his face photo. (90+ votes, Damn that feeling that you shouldn't have written anything at your platform and just posted a good pic of you)

-Open a candidate platform, first thing I read: "In the name of Allah, all infidels will burn..."  (To be honest I don't have anything against Muslims by far as I have some muslim friends, but I mean, you are here to contribute to Asgardia and that is how you start your campaing? Well to be honest I should have started my own platform that way as well because the candidate had 150+ votes)

-Open a candidate platform and there is his PET PHOTO and not even a line written. NOT EVEN HIS OWN PHOTO, BUT HIS PET'S PHOTO!!! (Come on people, this must be a huge joke to you. 70+ votes)

-Open a candidate platform from my own district, sees atrocities badly written (maybe an illiterate candidate with +60 votes?)

-These are just some examples, I encourage you to do your own research.

To be quite honest, I'm not sure if I am disappointed at the candidates for not bringing anything to Asgardia or I'm disappointed at the asgardians for voting for such candidates. Don't you have dignity? Don't you have honour? Don't you have pride for your own actions?

If this goes the way it goes, Asgardia will have 0% chance to be recognized and to be taken seriously.

I mean, if you are a candidate. What can you bring to Asgardia? The whole idea is to contribute to the nation, or did I get it wrong?

*Drops mic*

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 02:41 UTC

Dear colleague,

I also noticed with great sadness, people without consistent platforms, and many aberrations.
I have done my part, and denounced abusive content, I have denounced fake photos as well as I have sought to support candidates with real desire to make a difference to the Kingdom of Asgardia, unfortunately many are not prepared for the grandiosity of this project, these people will come out, and give space to those who really have an interest in being part of this new kingdom that was born.

Mar 11, 18 / Ari 14, 02 22:45 UTC

Dear Lucas,

I really understand your disappointment. I've just realised it does not matter if you/we write about our policies or goals. Not many are reading them actually.
It seems like they exchange votes but I personally didn't give up and hope that others reading my posts and leave comments and at last maybe give a vote.

I just wanted to say that I know your feeling.


Apr 30, 18 / Gem 08, 02 21:33 UTC


You're right. You're absolutely right about some candidates and the platforms the pose (if any at all). Frankly, I'm not surprised though. This sort of care-- or carelessness rather-- is common even in long established governments on Earth. What we can do, though, is do our part to confirm and report candidates that do not comply with the constitution, CEC's rules and regulations for parliamentary elections, and other laws that might be broken in Asgardia. Of course, without a court or justice system yet it might be tricky, but that is why we have moderators and admins to help and hear our concerns. I hope to see some changes soon, especially since we are into by-elections now, which indicates by itself that there needs to be some new forms of order during election times. 

I wish you luck in the elections, and good work on the government candidacy list you organized.

~ Scuro

May 7, 18 / Gem 15, 02 21:26 UTC

I see your point and your views, I can't say I'm hundred percent active and I have my reasons, it is infuriating to see people who seem like they are not trying, but are getting more votes that you who happens to be pouring your heart out into this, even with meager votes I feel encouraged because at least two to three individuals saw my message and encouraged me about it, but I believe those doing the interview would do the selection process well. 

May 16, 18 / Gem 24, 02 22:45 UTC

Attend a local city hall meeting someday, or check out some of the city council nominee platforms sometime.  Even in major cities like Las Vegas & Los Angeles there are smaller municipalities where offices that are self nominated bear the same type of result.  Natural or in some cases created checks and balances can theoretically exist to ensure only qualified candidates make it to the finals, but of course there is plenty of precedent for those with no experience whatsoever to become a State Governor or even President of a country.  Not that this is a desirable outcome for us but clearly even thoroughly implemented systems such as those in the USA do not prevent such candidates from having a voice or making it all the way to office.   We will need to take steps as a community to ensure that unqualified or abusive individuals are not able to attain or hold offices in the event that the voting system fails us the first time around.  If changes are needed then we define them, implement them, measure them, and improve on them.  Obviously today's voting systems needs changes, but first a defined method of identifying citizens will be needed to ensure one person is not creating multiple online profiles, and so on.  Candidates for government had to provide proof of identity, but the individuals casting their votes did *not*.  This will obviously need to change in the future to ensure voting accuracy, as every voting system in the world requires this in some fashion or another for non-repudiation.