We'd like to remind all candidates of a few things to ensure that your campaign is valid and the community votes are not wasted:

You must be using your real names as your display name. Any who are not, will not be approved at the end of the campaign period and their votes will be vetoed.

You must be using a real picture of yourself. We check with a reverse picture lookup. Any candidates using a picture not of themselves will be disqualified at the end of the voting period and their votes vetoed.

You must have your candidate platform filled out with what you hope to accomplish. Saying 'vote for me!' is not a platform. These will not be counted at the end of the voting period and their votes vetoed.

Any candidate found committing voting fraud (ie signing up fake accounts to get votes, using pressure tactics to get votes, trading votes for favours once in office) will be disqualified and removed from ever running from office within Asgardia. Their campaigns will be disqualified, removed and their votes vetoed without warning.

Any candidate running an attack campaign against his fellow candidates is prohibited. Please see the Constitution of Asgardia Chapter 5 Article 4. These campaigns will be disqualified immediately.

Please remember you are setting the future of Asgardia and we're all here for the good of Asgardia and need to work together.

Thank you,
The Central Elections Committee