Feb 2, 18 / Pis 05, 02 17:16 UTC

Response to Decree 14  

Please read a response from the Elections Office regarding Decree 14, which announced the beginning of the Parliament Elections.


Nikari Steve Miller,
Elections Manager

Feb 3, 18 / Pis 06, 02 01:42 UTC

I would like to know what the registration fee is in US Dollars and how to pay. Thank you.

Feb 3, 18 / Pis 06, 02 15:44 UTC

The current exchange rate comes to about USD $125. Instructions for sending it via PayPal or wire transfer are in the Company Details part of the Decree. Also listed in the Clarification memo, above.

Feb 4, 18 / Pis 07, 02 13:27 UTC

Dear Nikari, thank you for informing us. Please I also need to let us know, what is the right way to select the committees we whant to participate in. When, where and how. Thank you in advance. Kind regards.