Nov 14, 17 / Sag 10, 01 22:05 UTC

Suggestion: Local Leaders Via Geographical Area  

I would like to make a suggestion:

I would like to see a breakdown in this area of the forum to make it easier for local leaders to communicate with their constituents.

We could have a sub-forum for each area, then have each sub-forum broken down into people trying for each level of leadership.

This would help instill a chain of command and introduce people to each of the levels of government that they will be working with, as well as helping the general population get in direct contact with the people that will be representing them, and it will help people see each level of governance.

This will also help clear up some of the clutter and prevent a higher level from being bombarded by topics that have not yet made it through the command structure.

Now if someone has nobody to represent them, then they are welcome to visit the next closest representative.

Doing this will also help build up local communities and make it easier to set forth physical meetings.

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 07:40 UTC


- wait, did I just use a Robert's rule??? uh oh. ;) um supported? I like this? "repost"?

Update: I now propose: rav pujbe' Hegh'e' ngaq jIH - it is at lest the same in every language (If said in klingon) - truly it is not linguistically biased

o, turns out that reverses badly it, was originally "I support this most glorious cause" - so no we can't use klingon :(

how about ancient  norse runes... we could even make the symbols with our hands... say ngwas for yes and gebu for no -that would work even on the livestream parliament once we get it up

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:12 UTC

If we are going to try for Old Norse then Icelandic would be on of the closest as the language hasn't changed much over the years.

Disagree :    




Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:31 UTC

on no, what have I started? now I'm going to have to learn icelandic? I'll need to move to rekjavic (shoutout)

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 19:04 UTC

One thing about Iceland I love was their swift action at dispelling corrupt bankers and politicians!

We need that level of accountability here in Asgardia.

Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 18:38 UTC

In a way I agree with the 'OP' but generally speaking, I don't think that we should try to emulate the earthly divides that we have now. I understand that from a functional standpoint, it's easier for people of the same language to work together. But I'm concerned that 'languages' will become the new 'boarders'. I think that we shouldn't try too hard to segregate people based on any factors. One Humanity. One Unity. Now -- this doesn't mean that I currently have a more viable option, it's something that will require thought. However - there is some amazing technology coming up now that allows for 'real time translation' and I think that within a few years, we'll see that it'll be easier and easier for people to communicate. 

Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 20:03 UTC

In part I agree, Ross, but language will always be and has always been a border between minds - if that is the only one left we are on a good path... the good news about the language berrier is that we can learn to communicate with other languages, we can translate - the border is not what it once was long ago.  

Update: yes Ross, I also agree with your next point - first we are many, then 13, then perhaps 5.... and maybe eventually 1 language, something like esperanto, but that includes the south and east

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Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 13:56 UTC

In addition to that, Chris, Language is highly adaptable and malleable. All over the world languages morph into something new based on the intermingling of cultures. For instance, English shares a lot of words with French and German because of our long history of killing one another and sharing royalty. I believe that -- one way or another -- Asgardia will, one day, have a single language, probably something based on English due to its popularity in Asgardia as a language for communication. 

Until we get there, however, there are functions available to us as you say - to help translate. Google just released (or are soon to release) their 'Pixel earbuds' which will have 'real time' translation. I intend to buy some to see if they work :D