Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:13 UTC

This thread is to discuss using one of, or a combination o the many many ways to communicate, including but not limited to Robers Rules in any way  

That last thread, trying to get people to vote for Robert's Rules, without even discussing other systems was sloppy,and I think it should be removed by the poster, I will not name names for their sake - this thread is to openly discuss any form of communication protocols, including new ones, In hopes that we may move forward and discuss new things, not just do more of the same which has not yet so far worked satisfactorily.

A poll should be proposed only after we feel have discussed all options among all parliament

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:15 UTC

Single-winner systems vs Multi-winner systems

Most nations around the world choose to have at least some multi-winner districts in their national legislatures. Fifty-four of the 195 countries in the map below use only single-winner districts. Ninety use only multi-winner districts, and 38 use a mix of multi- and single-winner districts. 

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:17 UTC

um, I don't want to sensor you I just don't understand how it pertains, can you eloborate? I admit I do not know much about Robert's Rules, the little I read highlighted elitism right away, and is probably the reason for "minorities"

update: oh I get it, your not talking about Robert's Rules, your saying we should probably use a multi system since it seems most do?

I think I would agree, and a valid point, sorry I didn't understand your meaning

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:26 UTC

Multi-winner or combination will help ensure that the voices of the people are met properly.

As well as it will help ensure accountability. 

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 04:02 UTC

In the Robert's Rules poll Andreas Decker brings up a great point about using a digital system similar to that of Germany.

I feel that that is the only options due to our scattered nature, and am a member of a team working on a proposal for such.

The proposal calls for a website with a video feed of each candidate, so that they can be watched for texting, and other absences.  Furthermore it is proposed that once an MP enters they can have a 5 min/hr break but otherwise must stay. Also in the proposal is that only those in attendance may vote.  All of these points I feel are pointless, for we live in a time where we are not bound to the "now" we can watch recordings or the past and leave messages for the future.

I would propose a system, where MP's can simply link a youtube of their making on any given subject for all to see.  I would further propose a set time for candidates to produce and upload the videos, so that an orderly chat based discussion can be held after they are watched. - why attendance would be mandatory at all I do not understand, for people can participate in a chat at any time, those joining later would likely find most of their points have already been made, so what difference does it make?  Furthermore only after thorough discussion of all points should any voting begin. - these are not the only points I voted for and lost, I also voted that every candidate be invited to discuss how MP's communicate in parliament... because 4 people should not choose the details of something so important.

Also, I have noticed many (at least 3, likely more) "parties" have formed.  I'd like to remind everyone that internal alliances of the party sort are against the very constitution we all signed.  If I were MP right now I would suggest that anyone actively participating in a party-like group, which excludes some portion of that level (such as democratic party, which I'm sure would exclude communists and vice versa) loose their citizenship in Asgardia.  The party based system excludes, not unites and is responsible for much suffering in North America - and I'm sure, the world.  By trying to get majority, it creates minorities.  I would plead, that if you are a member of such a group you leave it immediately, for otherwise you are not Asgardian and may cause it's ruin. invites *all* parliamentary candidates, from every district, to join for open debate, discussion and the sharing of ideas - it is place for candidates to learn how to work together, before the daunting task of planning Asgardia's future for our people begins.  Votes are for internal organization only; everyone is encouraged to vote (outside the group) whatever they feel is best for the people they represent; and every member or the group is admin and therefore shared-owner - all are equal with no alliances, in the true Asgardian way: one unity.  Any system which is not equality based, is not Asgardian.

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Jan 3, 18 / Aqu 03, 02 18:28 UTC

Hello my friend.In your text you used the expression democratic party, which I'm sure would exclude communists. It is natural for multilingualism to create misinterpret, (I certainly did it too), so it is good that we will not be in a hurry to interpret the proposals of our fellow citizens.The word democracy is Greek and states the state where the citizens rule. I have noticed that many use it while they mean capitalism, or something else, but this is a misuse of the word. Although on our pages I have seen wonderfull people trying to understand each other, we may not agree to all , but what we agree are enough to do wonderful things.

Jan 11, 18 / Aqu 11, 02 18:46 UTC

Dear Olga, I don't think or friend as the capacity to understand your point and vice versa without an attempt to insult nobody here. Asgardia is a democratic kingdom and we are all running a political campaign under a democratic system. Thereof he most refers to a particular party using the name of "democrat" and "democratic party" who as criminalized communist supporters and partisanship. May just said the name of the "party communist popular democratic of China" could be a good joke on this post.