Nov 13, 17 / Sag 09, 01 20:03 UTC

Welcome to the Candidate Discussion Area  

Hello Asgardia Candidates!

This forum was created so that you will have an open forum to discuss the ideas you have for Asgardia government and community. This forum is open for community viewing but only Candidates can post here. If you do not have access to this forum, please email with the email address you registered with and a link to your candidate profile. We will endeavor to get you access within 48 hours.

Kind regards,

Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

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Nov 14, 17 / Sag 10, 01 23:59 UTC

Hello everyone, and I am proud to be first to thank Rebekah for opening up this room - it is perfect for us to share that information which pertains to asgardia, our people, and nation as a whole.  I have no doubt that this forum will be filled with some of the best discussions available on and encourage everyone to bookmark it and check frequently since we receive no notification of updates. 

Many of your leaders have already been working very hard together to find new ways of growing Asgardia's activity and looking at various forms of established political protocol - if this forum had been open sooner you would no doubt be proud of all those who have joined together as equals in hopes that we can find a long lasting peace and a fair prosperity for all Asgardians.

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 08:47 UTC

I too have a dislike for the formatting of the forums here and there lack of control on the user input side, navigation, and various other aspects.

With that being said I would welcome some changes, yet am thankful for the ability to openly communicate in what I assume will be a heavily moderated medium.

As someone who use to have their own forum based website I know the trials and tribulations faced by the developers and know that vBulletin would probably suit us better regardless of the cost.

With having spent years moderating forums, and owning some (now closed down or else I would show them) I know I am spoiled in how much potential a forum has.

I feel that all we can do is learn to deal with what we have until we can either get voted into place to make the changes, or wait until someone else does and harrass them until the changes happen.

In defense of the forum mods they can only work within their means.

I just hope nobody mods any of my posts without 24h notice and/or message with a redirection link. As I feel every post has its place, and sometimes that place is in "off topic", but never should a post be deleted without notice unless it is in clear violation of the Constitution / filled with hate mongering.

May 11, 18 / Gem 19, 02 20:54 UTC

Hello fellow Asgardians, I posted this in the General Official Facebook group and I thought it would be good to share it as a blog post here as well. 

I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve recently added my name in the hat to run for Parliament. I’ve been involved with Asgardia since December and have a great interest in strong communications, recruitment, and equal rights. I would like to see Asgardia recognized as a legitimate nation and a household name as well as consistency in the way that we represent ourselves to citizens and to non-Asgardians alike.

One of the values that I want to emphasize in Parliament is the importance of equality for groups that have been underrepresented or marginalized on Earth. I don’t believe that this is something we can take for granted simply because it’s written in the constitution.

Last weekend I found the discussion about S.A.G.E./LGBTQAI+ recognition in Asgardia to be extremely interesting and valuable. It’s very difficult for those of us who have never been underrepresented to understand what that feels like. As a caucasian Canadian woman, I’ve been very fortunate and have not met much adversity in my life. However, I’m a board member for a foundation that provides scholarships and funding for the underrepresented Black community in the United States as well as developing communities around the world.

In those cases, there are clear and *visible* distinctions as well as Earthly history that show that these groups have not been represented equally. The S.A.G.E. issue addresses the fact that not all underrepresented groups on Earth are visible, nor shall they be as we move towards the future of Asgardia. (I hope that everyone will read and consider participating in the S.A.G.E. petition:

While Asgardia is new and doesn’t carry the history attached specifically to nations on Earth, we can see from the overall citizenship and from the elections so far that Asgardia is not as diverse as it could be, both in global and ethnic representation as well as with genders and gender identification. I would love to see more citizens in the non-English speaking districts. I would like to work towards recruitment efforts that will help us to see more diversity of all kinds in both our citizenship and in our leadership in the future.

This is what’s been on my mind lately. I’d love to hear your thoughts on recruitment and diversity and if my values resonate with you, I hope you’ll consider voting for me!…/ele…/candidates/By-elections/27660/

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May 30, 18 / Can 10, 02 22:11 UTC

Here we enter as human beings, without distinction in order to create an ideal society, we must remove the current chip and put a new blank!

I believe that the best thing that a society can have is to keep the values that human nature gives us the moment we are born, because I agree with being tolerant but it does not mean accepting facts that go against these values.

With this I want to express that we need this nation to be free from the degradations that exist in the world against the human being.

Today we want to see as normal things that are not natural, wars, gender changes, drug use, etc .. But without doubt these things go against an ideal society ....

For me, an ideal society is one that respects the natural course of things. And a healthy family nucleus, as the foundation of a healthy society, with principles and values governed by the natural order of things ...

We can tolerate, but we can not accept creating a new nation by inheriting the vices and misrepresentations of our societies.