Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 13:49 UTC

Re: Asgardia KIVA Team Proposal  

Education should cost nothing, or you're doing it wrong. Establishing our own educational services can ensure this is true whilst still providing a high level of eductation.

Rather than outsource, how about pooling our own resources?

Instead of seeking loans, set up a community pot, Asgardians can donate some "spare" funds, and this can be used like a loan to get little things off the floor and when repaid can be fed back into other projects. Additionally some sort of crowdfunding initative could be productive.

Feb 24, 17 / Pis 27, 01 14:25 UTC

The asgardian nation is a small nation, referred to as a micro nation, so that the amount of money picked up from donations from Asgardians will not be big enough to support all the asgardian citizens. Yes, it will be sufficient to achieve humanitarian activities such as to establish a specialized hospital for the patient children with cancer.

The social welfare for the poor asgardians has to be financed by the asgardian government so that forming a strong asgardian economy as soon as possible is a must. I referred in my previous posts in this forum to my pointviews about hints to establish a strong asgardian economy. It is not a good beginning for the asgarians to ask for grants and loans. The asgardians should be excited to be hard workers. However, free education has to be provided to asgardians for the all educational levels.

Any way, it is a great idea to form KIVA team but not for the areas referred in this topic which should be free: Educational loans, Community Health Services and Infrastructure Improvements. I think there are still many humanitarian activities to be funded by asgardian KIVA. Yes, buy a seed and fertilizer or a livestock as they are small projects but guaranteed to be successful ones. In addition, loans should be given to buy sewing machines, for example. Not all asgardians are expected to be scientists and inventors. Asgardia should have a proletariat class and a craft class. At least these classes are very important for the social evolution.

I think that policies of repayment terms and the loan proposal should be stated by a special committee. Please explain: every asgardian member or every asgardian citizen ?

The reputation and the positive image of Asgardia will be a responsibility of every activity done by asgardians. The name 'Team Asgardia' is very common. I suggest more specific name for that humanitarian purpose, 'Fond Mist'.