Feb 6, 17 23:01 UTC

Re: Asgardia welfare should be contain “born, old, retire, death” this nation hard to do it  

I agree with Ann, we're "jumping the gun" by talking about land and welfare.

FYI Jacuqes, corruption is everywhere. It's only a matter of definition, depth and nature (legalised or non-legalised, etc) that differs between region.

May 3, 01 / Apr 25, 17 13:53 UTC

I think it is not a big problem to solve the territory on Earth, and Asgardia can control the size of the population, we can build a floating artificial island on the high seas, which is entirely achievable. There is no need to negotiate with any country on the high seas. Or in a country, preferably near the island, to keep the man-made islands on the sea.

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 07:08 UTC

We nation is build. So welfare is fact to every citizens asgardia. So grant  give every citizens need helpful . This we nation should do it . We was govement , so welfare is fact give to us . grant is welfare . 

Aug 27, 01 / Sep 8, 17 05:59 UTC

Welfare is fact give us . For benefit life , benefits Bebe , benefit retire, benefits lose jobs , benefits house, this really we need.  These welfare can give we citizens respect life and stable life . 

Sep 1, 01 / Sep 10, 17 09:36 UTC

Ok, YOU FIND  where ALL of this imaginary money is going to come from, then I am sure the Asgardian Government would be happy to share it with you! Until then, please back off of this subject because it is SO UNREALISTIC,  and you have been told this over and over again. This Nation is about moving forward together to better the safety of the Earth First, years later, to move jointly together towards Space. This was never put together to provide financial bailout to those in developing countries. We are all just to work together as-is from the nation's we were born into.