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Re: Asgardia welfare should be contain “born, old, retire, death” this nation hard to do it  

Certianly, this should definitely be a long term goal, however, of far more importance is to establish ourselves into a position where this is practical.

The economy of Asgardia must be first grown to the state where it can realistically support such proposals.

I would personally suggest initially concentrating resources into "space mining, resource extraction/purification, and manufacturing". I'm thinking along the lines of establishing a "seed factory" that can print out some "tugs" to grab "waste" material from LEO and use it to expand itself and then clone itself(for sending closer to more distant resources) and start to faricate components for the mining and manufacturing facilities.

There would be a little while to wait until one would see some "payback" but once established it'll coantinually supply both raw materials and finished goods. Combined with a series of orbital farms it'd provide for Asgardian requirements, allowing for completely independant operations, and rapidly expand beyond our needs and ultimately the excess can be sold off to Earth to fund further developments.

The construction of physical educational facilities is a slight wasteful, It would only serve a narrow geographical reigon at best. Digitally, it's cheaper to construct and can reach a much wider audience. It would also be easier to achieve a uniform standard of education across infrastructure. In terms of education at least, this is something that can be started now - collecting data relevant to topics, finding those within our ranks suitable for providing educational materials, establishing curiculem guidelines etc then one could begin to define "courses" and "qualifications". One large issue - initially at least - would be getting these qualifications recognised. Recognition serves little practical use for "internal purposes" but educational standards should be set high enough that other nations acknowledge it is equivical or superior to their comparable offerings.

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If/when we begin to have a larger percentage of our population in space, Asgardians will have to take care of Asgardians. PERIOD. In space, it would be a completely artificial environment, every person out there would be depending on everyone else and contributing in some way. There will be no Privilege with out some responsibility, and i don't mean just sending money to Asgarida. NO WELFARE! I don't think we should have WELFARE. That implies a handout. I think we should be thinking more that we INVEST in our people young and old, so that we become a stronger community and we can grow and advance in every way. Perhaps we will not have a traditional economy. In space something like air or water would be valuable while earth currency might not be so much. Someday Asgardian citizenship may become very valuable/desirable with privileges but I also think we should think individually of what we can contribute in our own way as citizens. We all will benefit through all the stages of our lives if we can all contribute to Asgardia in some way. (Like Asgardia diverting that giant asteroid that kills off everyone you know on earth- and didn't send you a bill. I will call that Welfare)

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I don't believe we will be a welfare nstion by the definitions we use today. As many people wash there to be no currency and everyone recieves what the need but we need to understand it doesn't mean it's free. Everyone will be working in one sense or the other for their meals and other things they need. The only time you might consider it a welfare state is with the elderly but many will have put in many many hours of their life working for society and such I really don't see that as a handout but a payback.

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I agree with Ann, we're "jumping the gun" by talking about land and welfare.

FYI Jacuqes, corruption is everywhere. It's only a matter of definition, depth and nature (legalised or non-legalised, etc) that differs between region.

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I think it is not a big problem to solve the territory on Earth, and Asgardia can control the size of the population, we can build a floating artificial island on the high seas, which is entirely achievable. There is no need to negotiate with any country on the high seas. Or in a country, preferably near the island, to keep the man-made islands on the sea.