Dec 24, 16 06:10 UTC

Merry chrismass. Today was what welfare?  

Happy chrismass. At today, what welfare to our citizen? happy new year to ever asgardians.

Dec 26, 16 20:41 UTC

Jovial inaccurate celebrations of the fabled jewish zombie's birthday in order it may coincide the previously established pagan celebrations to you too.

I'm unable to ascertian what your question actually was. I understand each individual word, but in that combination I'm unable to determine what information you would actually be seeking.

Are you able to rephrase this?

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Dec 28, 16 21:50 UTC

What do you mean by welfare? In the US and UK it means money/food/housing given freely to the poor.

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 15:21 UTC

I'd like to know what kind of welfare the citizens of this country will have