Education is key if we're ever going to colonize space. In many countries, education is somewhat poor. Oddly, the United States of America even has some problems, despite being arguably the richest country in the world.

I'm not going to try to dictate to people what education should be like. However, I'd like to point out to you a way you can have a small beneficial impact on the world today.

You can donate small amounts of money to charities that help purchase supplies for schools. Specifically, I'm referring to:

I'm sure there are other similar websites. At donors choose, you can select what project you want to fund and how much funding you want to provide. It's basically kickstarter for education. I discovered this website a short time ago, and I think it's a great idea. I haven't donated yet because I'm waiting on an estimate for dental treatment. Later, I plan to donate a small amount each month. In my case, I plan to mostly support math and science projects, but you can support whatever you want to.