Asgardia seems like it has the potential to become a great nation, there are many great minds that have come who share a dream for a better tomorrow. However, when I read the constitution there were two major Red Flags in the Finance section:

1. The creation of a National Bank

2. Taxes imposed on citizens

We have the technology and capabilities today that do not require such archaic and outdated systems. In this poll I will propose two systems that a far better than the afformentioned.

1. Abolish the National Bank and enact the use of a National Digital Cryptocurrency, this currency will be based on the assets of the nation, including the labor capital, resources, assets and future revenue.

2. Prohibit the implementation of citizen taxation and replace the outdated system with means to generate revenue as a nation. The nation itself should provide services to other nations and businesses that will generate revenue rather than taxing individuals.