Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 10:45 UTC

Gay rights  

i believe we should have a line entered in the constitution specially mentioning gay peoples, as being inculed in rights for equality? To forever have no doubts 

Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 06:05 UTC

I believe the constitution covers this in Chapter 3 Article 8, 2.  All Asgardian citizens shall be equal. 

Any amendment specifying gender, race, colour, sexual orientation etc leaves future social issues and changes within humans open for discussion.  The fact ALL citizens have an equal right is what Asgardia stands for. Stripping the boundaries that define discrimination for true equality. The fact gay people would need a mention specifically is discrimination as if to say they are not covered under ALL.   Any form of discrimination is against the constitution and as per Chapter 3 article 10 it is stated the the government will protect its citizens rights and freedoms which includes equality of Asgardians. 

Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 06:11 UTC

Tis has been covered before  . As stated above as well gay rights are no more or less special than anyone else.

May 26, 18 / Can 06, 02 06:17 UTC

Well said zgauche.  If any subdivision of humans were isolated within the laws, even to assert their rights,  it would in essence create a division where one did not exist before.   The constitution and our laws do not recognize such differences among humans because of color or creed or gender or sexuality, and we should not begin to introduce any.  This would serve only to validate the existence of such divisions, rather than prevent them.