Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 19:01 UTC

Civic.Asgardia Activity Report: 12 March  

PDF report....

Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 21:03 UTC

A little better than previous efforts, but still overly vague to the point of being little use.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 12:00 UTC

EyeR, you are so negative. :P

To break it down as points of interest for the rest of us:

Christina Cole needs two chapter assistants and a localization assistant.
Ryan Zohar is still stuck trying to get together a media pool of folks who can generate news for Asgardia. (I do not count.)
Health Literacy program is working and they are trying to tie it into the Online Learning program.
IT needs some help (you know IT, EyeR, why not put your energies to use with this group?)
The Mobile App idea is stagnating.

There, a short breakdown.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 14:43 UTC

I was actually trying not to be negative. Put quite a lot of effort in there, nearly wore out the backspace. Just kept to what's wrong and how solved - even offered some encouragement.

I'm really uncomfortable with the mushroom farming tactics deployed against us, they are rarely used in beneficial cases.

The IT needs a little more than help. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. I've made more than enough offers, it's clear they're more eager to create problems than solve them and act impulsively rather than on logical discourse. As their "hiring tactics" specifically eliminates anyone that would be realistically able to provide for a tactical advantage and further explicitly selects from those proven to know no better, then I do not see conditions improving any time soon.

The mobile app, IMHO, should stagnate. All that should be required is a browser and they should already have that. The effort should be sensibly placed into the content served to mobile devices - it can result in the same outcome, without three seperate systems to maintain. In fact, the content served to desktop devices could use a little effort, too.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 16:56 UTC


I was displeased with the way the government was communicating with its citizens, so I made something I thought would work better. Since then, the government has gotten a bit better about communicating with citizens. Perhaps they didn't like the competition? :)

Perhaps you could do something similar?

Mar 16, 17 / Ari 19, 01 18:39 UTC


I have rewritten this response a dozen times trying to keep it short and to the point, yet it keeps turning into a long winded spiel about bashing, wounded bird spiels, among other things. So, to the point. As Phicksur said, you don't like the current model? Do something about it. Work with me to fix the current problems instead of allowing people to promote new problems under the premise of "helping". My IT skills are lacking to say the least, but I am still wanting this project to come to fruition to avoid current and future problems that are manifesting rapidly. I understand it isn't your forte to be "nice" or "lay it on them easy" when people are doing something stupid. Leave the "bureaucratic ass-kissing" to me (apologies to anyone this phrasing may offend, but this is how I speak, my mother is ex-Navy so I literally picked up the "curse like a sailor" in my every day vocabulary). You aren't the only one frustrated with the way all of this is progressing. You wanted an IRC? I set a channel, sorry I can't do much beyond that, but again, my IT skills are limited at best. I set the Discord channel more to appease the masses than as an actual solution for the long run. As many faults as it does have, though, it currently serves a purpose. You suggested an XMPP, I have no idea how to set one up that is accessible to anyone wanting to submit input. You are currently hammering a lot of other posts with negativity trying to file it under "constructive criticism". The amount of effort put into this is quite commendable, but as Phicksur has said, how about putting some of that energy into something productive? I have the drive but not the skill set required to make the ACIT proposal a reality (a proposal you yourself have said isn't a possibility, but a requirement for the further development of Asgardia), you have the skill set (if what you have posted is anything to go by). I think you could be a major asset to the project (lack of interpersonal skills aside).


Apologies for the multiple name drops on your part, but what you have said does make perfect sense. I just have no reason to phrase it as nicely as you have lol.

Mar 16, 17 / Ari 19, 01 21:23 UTC

Um... "wounded bird"?

I've already XMPP services deployed, IIRC it's accepting public signups. I hold no offence at it being used for this purpose. As long as it's not illegal, I hold no offense at it being used for any purpose.

Ofc, IMHO it's not sensible me running this. For a start there's no actual evidence I can be trusted in such a capacity, I don't tend to leave a lot lying about and this forum is the largest digital footprint I've left in some time. I can provide for independant confirm that I'm up to nothing shady with it in terms of data collection or processing on the backend, but that's besides the point. Idealy this should be an "Asgardian run" initiative. An "official" comms platform that can stretch to every citizen that can already get here, using it as both a PM and "chat" system embedded into a page shouldn't be difficult - I assume there are already several open source soltutions that will copy and paste into place, and the same daemon can additionally serve standalone clients(say, installed on phones, or existing comms suites). Something that doesn't rely on funds in my bank account to be there next month - something difficult to assure if I'm taken out by a bus randomly as I cross the road, when exhibited stupidity reaches a level I simply cannot be associated with(getting close) or any of a number of "real world problems" that can interefere, and are easily avoided by just being sensible in the first place.

The "issue" I have with the "current model" is the lack of information presented is thus that the information presented is of no particular use raising the obvious question of it's purpose. It's certainly not to impart information or there would be some information to impart. Mulitple requests have been made for various clarifications. What else is it you actually expect I do? Take advantage of the known fact they are easily exploitable and go and take this information, publishing it under another name? Strikes me as there's some morally and ethically questionable facets to that tactic, least of all the level of invasion into their lives in the process, I'd be getting everything. Not just the data I'm after.

People commonly suggest I exhibit "negativity" - and I can assure you, the only real effort placed here is in the editing. Refactoring and removing things likely to cause offense - but look at it like this: If I can't fault it, it's possibly a really really good idea. A list of faults is a list of things that need improving, and most of the time this somewhat suggests how improvement or resolution is actually possible. As long as these flaws are not based around the laws of physics itself then it's quite likely that accounting for the fault can make it viable. Before actually putting any effort into anything it's a good idea to assess first where it will fail. This allows you see if it's possible to solve problems before you waste the energy with actually solving it, and determine how much effort would be required to solve it. As opposed to diving head first into a project and then a few million later finding out it was never possible in the first place. Alphabet have a sub-company, X. They understand the value of sinking proposals, at the earliest available opportunity. They even score a bonus for it. You then cause less waste. If the proposal can get across a table of people like me unsunk, they put effort into it. This is not a poor operational procedure, finding ways it will fail before you start, and one anyone with sanity can recognise the value in.

For a case in point, the "mobile app". Anyone sensibly analysing the problem would deduce that what is actually wanted is a "better interface" on the mobile platform. Installing an app is not as important to the end user as the functionality delivered, they don't commonly care how it's delivered - it's the delivery of the functionality that matters to them. Realistically, there should be nothing this "app" does that the website cannot, this would artifically fabricate a divide in our userbase. It is therefore rediculous to develop and long-term maintain three independant systems(Android/iOS/Web) that do exactly the same thing when a single system already in place can already cope, if it was presented "better" - and this is achievable via simply adjusting the .css which anyone can do with a common text editor.

If such simple and obvious facts was noted(they was definitely presented) then right now the mobile users could be served a new .css and be using their improved interfaces instead of sat looking at a stagnating client project which in all likelyhood isn't going to be safe to run when it does eventually fabricate. Instead of a clean, easy solution, sense was ignored(common theme in these parts, a likely consequence of people understanding what they are doing, and why) resulting in an initative involving a lot more effort, and providing for no additional gains. The best possible outcome IMHO is we start to gain a reputation for hashing out low quality purposeless softwares whilst proving problem solving and planning abilities are beyond scope - and thats the best outcome. Much progress has already been made here, furthering it is as easy.

With regards to "helping" - I've put up more than enough offers, and advices, in more than enough places. My previous comments regarding horses and water is incredibly accurate here. My only goal is to move the project generally forwards. I can point which way this is, but picking up a cattle prod and ensuring everyone walks that way isn't IMHO the "right" way to go about doing things. Doesn't set a particularly good precident.

Mar 16, 17 / Ari 19, 01 23:11 UTC

The mobile app is an unneeded redundancy to an already established platform. That is all I am going to say on that regard.

I am not expecting you to do anything, I am merely asking for help from someone who seems to know what they are doing. Feel free to decline at any time. You know as well as I that without proper support from qualified, or at least knowledgeable volunteers, the project is going to stagnate, if not fall apart entirely. If there is something that you can do, or advise me on how to do, it would be much appreciated.