Aug 22, 17 / Lib 10, 01 04:54 UTC

Weekly Report - 20 AUG 2017  

The senior staff of Civic.Asgardia meet weekly to discuss changes and challenges to managing volunteer services for Asgardia. If you have any questions, leave a comment for us.

Nikari Steve Miller,
Administrative Coordinator

Aug 25, 17 / Lib 13, 01 08:39 UTC

This report notes that you are officially backdating to July 31, 2017, the ratification of the Constitution on the mark of 100,000 votes. However, the previous meetings notes of August 13, 2017, specifically outlines that there currently was only "107,200 (36% of current)" in support for ratification—far short of the majority vote required by official regulations and decrees.

It also violates Decree 3 and associated voting regulations, outlining how vote tallies will be reported in a timely manner—within five days of poll closure. It has already been several weeks since voting ended and in Lena's recent Q&A, she first answers a related question saying it would only be a few more days to publish the results and then during the answer to a later question she said "we'll have them in another week, or maybe two or three."

How do you explain this discrepancies?

This can't be explained away by the admin being too busy.

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