Welcome to Civic Asgardia!

What is Civic Asgardia? Civic.Asgardia builds the administrative infrastructure required to manage volunteers and civil projects of the developing Asgardia micronation by providing organizational infrastructure, a unified code of standards for content and behavior on behalf of Asgardia, and by providing a framework for solicitation of and management of funds and related record keeping.

Example of topics that will appear in the Ministry of Administrative Affairs - Civic Asgardia - Public Sector:

  1. Volunteers wanted
  2. Projects details
  3. Administrative support requests
  4. Budgetary information

This forum is set to reply only in order to allow better organization. Please familiarize yourself with the Asgardia Forum Rules before replying to a topic as well as the topics contents. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines. Thank you for your interest and for your participation!