Sep 4, 18 / Lib 23, 02 20:50 UTC

Civil-Corps: Improving what we cannot do alone  

Hello All,

My name is Nicholas and today I want to not only discuss things we could,if not already done, implement and actively recruit from within the community to make the most of our current situation. From my perspective it appears that we are in election season, which is good and all, however we are lacking critical establishments that would only benefit the Kingdom.

Establishments Needed:

The following list consists of mechanics that seem to be either lacked or information on them are currently unknown. I encourage the community to actively assist me in making sure the list is either up to date, or at the very least accurate.

1. Defense: This should be the most important aspect of the community. The safest of nation requires troops. Yes, I understand that our current nation consists of an online community and space. Through the use of an online application such as this our current grade of Security is Enterprise at best. In the future, when this platform takes off, we can invest time in a Military. At the current time we should invest in a system that either actively changes to better combat Cyber threats or complete failure in the Chain of Command.

2. Public Relations: This section will cover two things, both the Marketing Aspect and the Retention Aspects of Asgardia. Marketing wise, it appears that we actively invest in Targeted Social Media Advertisement through such platforms as Facebook and Instagram. We could also launch an email campaign or sponsor industry-related events to better attract more citizenship and potentially industry experts that could improve Asgardia in ways we could only speculate. Onto the Retention Aspect, Retention seems to be a hard number to pin down without access to the Nation's Database on Citizens. My belief, judging from the forums, is that we are having a hard time delivering on our promises and vision. Now, this is fine in and of itself, however as a Nation we must actively invest time, energy, and money into keeping our Citizens. We must endeavor to maintain our citizens' as they are our proof that we are successful. 

3.Reform-Administration: Administration, while having established a strong and centralized government, neglect the fundamental use of software and front-end applications for citizens to help guide newer members of the Kingdom. Through implementation of front-end applications, we can ease the government's stagnation. The creation of a job board for volunteers is a great place to start instead of posting it potentially on this forum. 

These are my suggestions. I appreicate your time today in reading this. Please feel free to continue the topic or improve it in the comments below.

~Warm Regards,

Nicholas B.

Sep 5, 18 / Lib 24, 02 06:49 UTC

1. Defence:

There is no reason for military in direct meaning of this word. Just because our people will still be living in different states of Earth we can't demonstrate any type of aggression. It will became a danger to our own people.

Better way, as I think, is to create some type of social shelters in different states for the Asgardians in danger can be rescued and transfered there. Also, some security teams for this shelters and team of rescuers, who will transfer the Asgardian to the shelter. But it is pretty costly thing and previously we should have a serious funds and calculated budget.

2. Public Relations:

Yes, of course it is very important. And this why we will have not only the Head of Nation and Parlament but also the Goverment with different Ministries.

3. Administration:

This idea was already discussed at forum. Yes, it is very interesting and even necessary to create apps for Asgardians, at least because we will have economy based at cryptocurrency, but it will take some time and work of the IT specialists.

Best regards,

Evgeniy Zaitcev

Sep 7, 18 / Lib 26, 02 16:49 UTC

I sold disagree I believe there are perfectly good reasons to have a military as our nation grows we must have the proper technology and equipment as well as adaquiate personell to to ensure safety of our citizens and nation. Mean while technology should be a main focal point of research. But while still here on earth security teams and search and rescue teams should be trained for future need.

Sep 10, 18 / Sco 01, 02 00:13 UTC

hey guys, What would be the best place on earth to build this very own Asgardia?

i think USA or country in north america , UK or EU

i have prepared things, this go fund me if one of them: [unsanctioned link removed]

Please reply this post ASAP. We must Vote ASAP

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Sep 10, 18 / Sco 01, 02 07:10 UTC

Hello Billy t,

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Thank you for your understanding!

Oct 24, 18 / Oph 17, 02 23:04 UTC

You bring up a fascinating topic. I have actually been interested in this concept for a while now. I would love to talk to you about how to accomplish this goal. 


Dec 22, 18 / Cap 20, 02 22:08 UTC

I'm more along the lines of trying to figure out what Asgardia is doing nowadays. 

Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 14:58 UTC

if you really want to find out what is going on with Asgardia, you have to go to the Facebook group set up by Asgardia. Go to the main page of this website and click on Facebook. Most information is posted there. 

Mar 24, 19 / Ari 27, 03 22:24 UTC

I find it troublesome at best that to stay in touch with current events we would need to rely on Facebook. Some of us choose not to be involved in that sight, and missing whatever is going on there makes it look like Asgardia has absolutely nothing happening at the moment. 

Asgardia should focus on setting up something via this site to keep everyone completely up to date, and utilize facebook as the secondary.

Mar 25, 19 / Tau 00, 03 16:46 UTC

Right. Facebook can be treated only as a presence in the media, a form of promotion. "" should become the mainstream of information flow.