Feb 24, 19 / Pis 27, 03 12:27 UTC

Earnings of the Space Kingdom  

The Kingdom of Asgardia needs to start earning in order to survive and develop. For now, the main idea is to tax citizens and sell identity documents. For many of our beloveds, it is a huge burden. Or maybe try to think about alternative, certainly not so painful for citizens and consistent with the philosophy of Asgardia, techniques to strengthen the budget of the Space Kingdom. The following proposal applies to the almost cost-free and long-term way of obtaining funds for the budget. What is more interesting, these measures can influence in a practically continuous way. And start making money right away. All you need is the consent of the Citizens and the relevant agreement of Our Representatives with the executive entity. I am talking about a cryptocurrency mine.
There is a company that uses cryptocurrency to exploit the computing power of users' computers of its own application. The application (which is a kind of overlay on Windows) is generally created for players, because they use stronger hardware with dedicated graphics cards, but also can dig cryptocurrencies based on the processors themselves. For your services, the company charges a commission of 10% of earned income.
GamerHash, because I write about them, says that using a medium-class PC (working several hours a day, for example, while watching movies) the application is able to bring the user about USD 15 per month. The company exists since 2017 and serves approximately 100,000 transactions per month.
And now the most pleasant part of exploration:
If some 80% of the Asgardian population agrees to lend their equipment by installing the application and to satisfy themselves with half of the income, it is assumed that the budget could start to affect:
800,000 x 7USD = 5,600,000USD x 12 = 67,200,000

      All you need to do is negotiate ...

for more inquisitive:

Apr 9, 19 / Tau 15, 03 19:35 UTC

Supplementing the proposal:

The idea is to give up collecting money and instead introduce some kind of common monetization system ... eg. Cryptocurrency using a browser.

I know that (Monero history and Coinhive programming) such applications exist.

I also know that the Coinhive software was used by Unicef or the American Salon to generate remuneration for the portal or donations to charity:                                                         https://www.thehopepage.org/                        https://www.salon.com/about/faq-what-happens-when-i-choose-to-suppress-ads-on-salon

May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 12:13 UTC

I like your idea very much. Sure it basically makes the person waste energy with the computer being on and degrades the hardware a tiny bit faster (other than doing what i dont know else, gaming or being idle i guess) but it feels a lot more fair than the 100 EURO fee per year

I like your other idea too, there need to be multiple ways (at least 10) that people could make money for or through asgardia, even with some AmazonTurk or some such thing or like the ideas you said.

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May 2, 19 / Gem 10, 03 13:14 UTC

Exactly. Making money together is more educative than paying tribute... and has a better chance of successful development.