Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 14:42 UTC

Copyright (and other fictons worth changing)  

Are there any indications yet of how Asgardia will handle copyright, DMCA style laws or other matters relating to intellectual property?

It seems to me that this would be a fine opportunity to rectify some of the onerous abuses found in this arena. Thoughts?

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 20:43 UTC

Do we even need it at all? Would this be an opportunity to begin an openly shared archive of knowledge and invention? Everything created by an Asgardian would belong to Asgardia as a whole and offer a basis for further contribution from any individual

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 21:50 UTC

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Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 21:59 UTC

I am a strong believer in open source materials and what meager contributions to the world I make I always make open source but I also believe that if you want to you should have the opportunity to protect your work from copying. That said no one needs protection 70 years after you are dead, I'm looking at you america. But in my mind something between 5 and 20 years would be totally fine. I don't know what a good duration is but I bet someone does.

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Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 19:23 UTC

Creative Commons provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to make a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work–on conditions of your choice. Asgardia should connect with this organization and publish documents under one of the many licenses they offer

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 01:09 UTC

I agree that copyright should not be longer than the author's life time. Might I suggest seven years to be the Asgardian copyright length. It was after all the original l length of copyright when it was introduced in the UK. For all rights are reserved that is.

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Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 06:02 UTC

A fully new intellectual property system or a total lack thereof runs the risk of Asgardian rights not being respected under international law or driving tensions with terrestrial nations.

Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 21:38 UTC

I think that some form of copyright would be good but things like the Logo and Asgardian name might acutal be considered public domain as they are treated in other countries. Creating art from the logo might be copyrightable but not the logo it self?

Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 06:48 UTC

I have not seen anything indicating how that system would work but I think it would be the same as it currently does

I disagree with you Bjorn, I both write and draw and even after I die I would not want someone making small cosmetic changes to but basically copying my work to create one of their own. My work is my property and even if I am dead it still remains mine. I wrote or drew it, I spent hours carefully choosing my words and avoiding the pitifalls of using sex and violence to drive my works, and I put my soul into each piece I create. So why should someone else have to do any less regarding the works they create? That is just lazy, in fact I would advocate that the original artist maintain their copyright indefintely unless they specify otherwise!

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