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Re: Employment rights and duties of employers to employees  

ElweThor: I think it should be possible to avoid the owner /employee dichotomy by ensuring that all contributors have a part "ownership" ( or however it'll be arranged ) as a legal requirement. Check out some real world examples. Argue this corner with me! It can work, just needs popularising. 

Apr 23, 17 / Gem 01, 01 16:35 UTC

  I absolutely agree that "it should be possible" to avoid the owner/employee dichotomy. I add "it should be done" also (that's the meaning of my previous sentence "I like it, agree and will support it". I also know it have been done, somewhere in the world: I knew Germany, you added Spain from your experience.
 The "utopical" part, IMHO, is: will people be, all the time, "on the barricades", to blow on the fire of it's right? Forgive me, Richard, but it's similar to speaking of "the people" and "the activists": I'm sure activists will, all the times, be on the barricades but, will the people do the same?
  It's nearly the same as speaking of "direct democracy": it seems a nice thing when "all the people" partecipate to the nations' political life but... how much people is really doing it? The answer to this question seems nearly the same as to the question "how many, of the 176.000 asgardians are writing here?".
  Nonetheless, we should strive to reach that goal, normal or utopic it can be. :-)

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 15:51 UTC

I'm just heavily conscious of the general slide toward worker disenfranchisement, and the new normal that's settling in so many political settings. Asgardia is a new start: I hope it starts on a different trajectory. 

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