Users or citizens?

Total number of votes: 27

40.7% Users

59.3% Citizens

Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 16:55 UTC

[POLL] users or citizens?  

  As I'm writing into Ministry of Justice / Civil Justice's forum's branch, I bet there are even lawyers reading here, so my question: as far as you read, listened to Dr. Ashurbeyli's words, as for your knowledge... what idea you have developed on the subject?

  Are we, here, now, (site/forum) users or citizens?

Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 17:11 UTC

'Members'. At the moment, Asgardia has not yet been declared a nation. This is one of the the current priorities that we are working towards. When it happens, it will be announced on all Asgardian Media channels. 

Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 17:28 UTC

On these forums, we are users. Our access to these forums is subject to the limitations to the terms of service of the forums, not Asgardia.

Under Asgardian law, right now, we have no rights, or responsibilities, just an ID number, really.


Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 17:33 UTC


Apr 21, 17 / Tau 27, 01 14:19 UTC

As usual, I wrote a huge post, to express my thoughts and concerns, with web's cross-references and all...
But, learning from good @petrv, I summarized all into "+1 @petrv", as his post currently tells all we need to know. :-)

(captchas sense of humor mesmerizes me :-D)

Apr 21, 17 / Tau 27, 01 15:31 UTC

Make that +2

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 15:58 UTC

You mean "waiting" when writing "standing", right?

Worth remembering that "citizens" have rights that "users" lacks, as users are "just guests"... I bet, as you're a lawyer (as far as I remember), this is way far clear in your mind.