Feb 15, 17 / Pis 18, 01 11:22 UTC

Asgardia Mobile Application Development (AMAD) - Project Promotion  

Anyone interested in having a mobile app for all things Asgardia? Well here is your chance to make that happen. Another project that is getting underway and looking for your input is Asgardia Mobile Application Development. Here is where you can find it. If you can help, work with a team to make this happen. https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/general-discussion-14/topic/special-committee-asgardia-mobile-application-development-community-input-2559/

Nov 3, 17 / Oph 27, 01 16:43 UTC

the feature I'd like to see most in the app (not that I can help) is the tap to pay feature - using solar... I know that would be a long way off but I think it should be in the design process early

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 20:33 UTC

I feel that a secure communication system that could be used for voting would be important, also as a person who has their phone on their body almost 24/7, I love the idea of an app.  I have been working with a few free trial app developing tools and have found not having anything in particular to work on as being the hardest part of making something.  With that in mind I wouldn't mind on my spare time trying to help develop something that will ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Asgardia.

I think that we have a verified method of communication for things such as voting, and a direct news system in place, as well as a chat feature based on geographical location such as the one used in Ingress by Niantic Labs Inc. would be a great way for Asgardians to connect.