Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 15:52 UTC

Quantum entanglement communication  

Quantum entanglement or spooky actions at a distance permits communication without spacetime boundaries and I feel that it is coming. Instead of depend on internet I think teaching on telepathy or direct channelling should be the communications to be learnt and complement with technology based communication infrastructures for people unable to communicate through self to other beings.

Another space internet is from Pleidians COBRA

I know this Asgardia space project from COBRA suggestions and anticipate the Solar flash event that is imminent in the 2160 x 12 = 25920 years cycle. Ascending into new age is an unknown so going to space provides additional preservation options besides all the ghost cities built by China. I believe there are other options offered by inner Earth human race for extremely peaceful beings as well and they are capable of telepathy communication I think.

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 16:09 UTC

It already exists, if that's what you mean by "comming". However, for practical use as a networking technology it does need a little improvement.

The devices are still quite large and to transmit at dialup bandwidths you'd need thousands of entangled particles in the same node. I'd expect a decade or two before this is rendered feasible.

What evidence is this "solar flash" based on?

"inner Earth human race"?

Lol, that link was hilarious. Good find. Nothing says professional like a gmail address. That "pheonix holdings" has their fingers in some pretty interesting pies, with scams like selling rocks for $200, but none of them appear to be "space internet" and they don't seem to have any quantum technology.

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