Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 16:25 UTC

Spoken words  

Currently our inter-citizen communication is lacking. Rule 1. Establish command post. 2. Establish communications. As a community of diverse people we need to establish a common language before any official laws are written. Yes still translate (i am horrible with languages). But all new ministers should be using that language. And with about 6 months until elections it would help to prepare. We need to vote on a language so more interaction can occur.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 21:04 UTC

It would appear a language has already been selected: English

Natively speaking English I'm not overly comfortable my previously estalished defaults be forced upon the rest. Seems intrinsically wrong, IMHO.

There is some talk of generating our own language from scratch - Which I am in favour of overall. This is unlikely to ready in time for next years elections however.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 22:59 UTC

By and large, humans are racist, sexist, and most of the other -ists in the spectrum. That is a programmed response to things. We are taught that by visual, audio, and other forms of cues, but the fact of the matter is humans are exclusive to a fault. A quick word association exercise could tell you that.

Creating a new language would just add one more division to the human race, and I do believe that the goal of Asgardia is to represent and possibly unite humanity as opposed to separate and run off. Humans as a whole want to be good. That is why we love the stories with the good endings. We pick the good side in video games. We sometimes help others in need. We want to be inclusive, but social mores put up so many blocks, it makes it difficult.

My suggestion is take the 2 or 3 most spoken languages and make an amalgam of them (something like Firefly did (the tv show)). This way everyone understands everyone and you do not need people to translate. I also think that if we strive for this inclusion, then everyone should speak in that language. I know it is comforting to speak in your native tongue, but it isolates people from the conversation. True, someone might be eavesdropping, or butting in, but have you ever walked by a group of people and wondered what they are talking about because you do not know that language?

Anyway, that is my 2 cents

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 02:12 UTC

Please, see this topic

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Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 02:20 UTC

Hello, fellow Asgardians. As user martinellijc pointed out already (thank you), please try to use the official topic to discuss this particular issue, so that Asgardia officials will be able to keep track of one thread only, instead of several. We'll be locking this topic and eventually archive it. Thank you for understanding. Again, use this thread if you'd like to discuss the language of Asgardia and all that it entails.