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Voice Routing Services (was TeamSpeak own server)  

Was looking here and there, in the forum, many users managing to exchange their own "IDs" of various comms services, like Steam, Discord, etc.
Why not placing online a TeamSpeak  server, then, instead of relying to others' services (we can also contro very few)?
I did it on a machine (Apple's MacPro) in my LAN, a few time ago, to communicate with my friends: even if TS may seem "old tech" I saw that

  1. creating a (software) TS server is really easy
  2. the same as defining accounts and privileges
  3. communications needs very few bandwitdh, as TS was made with that target in mind
  4. it needs really few machine's resources
  5. TS is still actively developed
  6. can be privately used for free (this must be better inspected: at the moment I can see "up to 512 connections as Non Profit": pretty sure there is some opensource alternative also, like some mix of XMPP and SIP) or it costs very few anyway, having our own servers.

I mean: nowadays is ok to use other services, as Asgardia have not developed internal ones yet but, for the future, it should be considered into the whole Communication's Infrastructure (like VoIP-phones, IMs, etc.).

~ o ~


Accordingly to the ongoing study/process of better understanding the involved components and technologies, so to formalize a project proposal to submit to Asgardia.Civic, I'm updating the initial "feature request". Further updates will take place as soon as we'll better define the details.

Subject: Voice Routing Services
Description: flexible ed interoperable Voice Services, usable by means of various kinds of "clients" to authenticate and communicate, at various levels, by means of a "routing service" built into Asgardia's IT network structure.
Proponents: @Elwe Thor, @Inductive Soul (and anyone other who knows these kind of systems, or just wishes to help: we'll be glad to expand the proponents' group)

Table of Contents

  1. Voice Routing servers (VRs): PBX-like system which will be used to establish point-to-point, multi-point or broadcast connection between clients.
  2. Network: various kinds of networks (e.g. WAN, LAN, WiFi, radio, sat, etc.), all supporting TCP/IP.
  3. NOC (Network Operation Center): Voice Routing servers' management, which can coincide with the current Asgardia's one (AIRC IT Team). The structure (persons) dedicated to manage the clients' software/hardware, configurations (terminal kinds and capabilities), authorizations (see below), helpdesk, failures, usage statistics, etc.
  4. NAC (Network Accounting Center): the structure (persons) which will feed the traffic data to our Ministry of Finance, to allow them calculating fees, at the time Asgardia's government will decide the service, whole or in part, will be pay for use (this structure may be the same as NOC). At the moment the system is intended for (asgardians') internal use, for free, so that's a "planned feature".
  5. software clients: voice (/video/IM/filetransfer) clients, for the various operative systems (at least the mainstream ones: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux) to use by terminals to authentication to Asgardia's network, to use the "name/address resolution" features to establish the PtP/MP/Broadcast connections.
    (list of available softwares will follow)
  6. Service's subdomain: a subdomain section, into one, to uniquely identify the Voice Services (PBX servers and services), so that they can run separately from other current or future ones. Proposed subdomain is
  7. Authentication server(s): implementation, into the current authentication service, of the "extensions" (info fields) needed by the Voice Routing Service in terms of
    - access: basic authorization level which allows/disallows the system's usage to blocked users, IPs, etc.
    - profile: VR specific "class of usage" (also called Class of Service), so to distinguish the various "levels" (e.g. "foreign", "governative", "personal", etc.)
    - accounting: any data related to accounting (this is a reserved option, at the moment, as the system is intended for "internal use" (by asgardians) and for free)

This ToC will expand as more details will be available.

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May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 19:31 UTC

After reboot (but it's strange it have to be a need) you should see some daemon running (kind of teamspeakd). You also should check if the daemon starting is enabled (default is not to be, usually) and, last but not least, into /etc/init.d/ you should have some kind of teamspeak script which should be used to start the daemon, after configuration (and to check if the service is running).
I'm using "should" as, I wrote in my first post, I didn't install TS on a linux server (even if I can do, having one in my LAN) but onto a MacPro: kind of "runnable service" started from the Finder which opened a Terminal interface. Under linux it's better be done via console, while not automatically handled via RC.x  runlevel starting scripts.

After the daemon (server) is up 'n running, you can start the user side client which can then access the TS-server, providing the related TCP ports are not blocked by a firewall.
Then, if you enabled even the router to forward TS packets to your linux server, for the needed ports, an external one can join you contacting your TS-server.
I did all of it in the past, having both server and client on the same MacPro machine (very lightweight programs both), to have four friends all logging there: very easy and reliable.

Was thinking to install TS-server on a remote server, when (if! :-D) I'll rent it, to have my friends online with me but, at the time, I didn't rent the server (in France or Germany).
For Asgardia's use, maybe not today but in the next years, it will be interesting to have some kind of "voice routing" service, to use via fixed and mobile "terminals": nowadays spartphones can start such clients and use Asgardia's VoIP network at no cost (most of these services become pay only if they're forced to bridge your digital calls to the phone network, 'cause of carriers' fees).

May 13, 17 / Gem 21, 01 01:59 UTC

DemonSaw server:[Removed By Moderators]

^^^ Is ran by me ^^^


Demonsaw is a secure and anonymous information sharing application that makes security simple and gives you back control of your data.

Chat, message, and share files without fear or consequence.

Check out the intro tutorial and Help page for more information.

Welcome to the Future of Information Sharing.


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May 13, 17 / Gem 21, 01 18:16 UTC

@Inductive Soul
Very interesting. As I can read from the page you linked, maybe better we'll wait 27 jul to know which will be the "superior product that will lead us into the future".

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 07:32 UTC

I'd be more than happy to host the Team Speak or Demonsaw server for Asgardia. I have experience with both and run my own small ISP already. 


@Dirk Baeyens the [Removed by moderators] was not a download link, that was the domain and port of the Demonsaw service. You would download the program from and then input that data to connect to the appropriate server.

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 19:31 UTC

Is it common practice to publicly accuse and embarrass a citizen on the forum before reaching out to them and getting the situation straight first?

Read below and you might as well respond in the forum since you have already made it into a public situation._I do not appreciate that_^^^ You could have PM'd me first before taking drastic actions against me.

But I don't sell anything how is it commercial, heck I don't even have website adds on my website I linked? Plus why would I email you guys if you already have made a public insinuation?

I am offering a service free with no expectation of payment or anything... I already run the said services for free... I was simply offering my services out of my own good will.

Excuse me for having my own network that I pay for myself for free.... excuse me for having a PTP wireless link greater than 2+ Miles that links multiple locations I live at.... excuse me for having my own email, dns, web server, servers and my own online identity... o wow.... you guys are great...

So you don't want members sharing their expertise to help get Asgardia set up?

And by gosh darn the universe I have some experience with running and administrating a I.T. network that I mentioned.

Commercial activities.... hahahahahah you're great, I wish I was making money's but I am too honest of a person to charge for a service that virtually costs nothing.

To add insult to injury, your email don't work.

4 posts and I got admins breathing down my neck for what? Offering services and expertise I have for free?

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:00 UTC

Well then resolve it, what's your verdict? Guilty? I won't be surprised. All I was doing was providing solutions in context to the intent of this forum section/post.

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:26 UTC

Hi Inductive Soul, 

Thanks for joining in, and am sure you are doing great work. Setting up something of that caliber with services for free is not a mere task, it needs financials, dedication , hard work but above all of these it requires a huge heart to help people out by thinking about the greater good. I am sure that your expertise will add great value to the development of Asgardia and together we can achieve our targets for the cumulative improvement of the human race. Having said that, everyone in Asgardia will have to play a role and Moderators / Admin have to play their role to keep the forums in check. There is no one stopping you from suggesting great ideas or making you uncomfortable and I from my personal experience found the team as very helpful. I am sure you will agree once you will spend some time here. 

Looking forward to hear from you again dear friend. 

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:37 UTC

I am just frustrated and disappointed, I was just trying to help; I know that servers, bandwidth, resources, knowledge and $$$ for these things don't come cheap for most.

I was just trying to provide a solution in the interim until a consensus was deemed on what service will be used.

Demonsaw: allows for text based chat, and file transfers while remaining anonymous. - I am in good acquaintance with Eijah, the programmer of Demonsaw and I host my own server for my network that I was offering for people to come try and see how it works.

TeamSpeak 3: offers Voice communication as well limited FTP file transfers. - I have also used TeamSpeak allot in the past, but the licensing model is abusive and expencive, they are very picky and choosie about issuing their NPO licences.

I was just trying to get people familiar with the differences, there are many many many other Voice and File services out there but Ventrilo and Teamspeak go together... Demonsaw is one on its own.

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:39 UTC

All apart, and besides the software tool we'll decide to use, my proposal was aimed to have an asgardian voice service: something one can connect via kind of <protocol>://<servicename> (e.g. teamspeak:// or demonsaw://


Sorry me but, at the time I wrote this comment I didn't refresh the thread's page so this post was the last one I saw.

I would like to ask to moderators: now that you publicly warned @Inductive Soul, and now that he publicly stated he is not conducting "advertising for a commercial enterprise", will you restore his original post(s)?

@Inductive Soul
As I originally wrote in this post, my intent was to have some kind of asgardian developed voice service. I personally (so unofficially ;-)) thank you very much to have offered your service for free AND to have pointed out licensing and security issues of the proposed tool (TS). Hope you won't be discouraged by the behavior of moderators when they have to do their duty (even if, as a matter of fact, it is discouraging: I'm pretty sure they could leave a warning like "we've sent you a mail on this matter, please answer") and remain among us as I'm absolutely sure your skills and knowledge will be precious in the next months/years.

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:48 UTC

Well if we were to program our own completely from scratch we could use the open source model of programming, but we would still need to determine how we wish to have the protocol.

Right now I can think of only two was to do this effectively:

Server - Client |or| Peer To Peer

I personally lean towards Server - Client.

Then there's the issue of programming language...

I am in the air about what language to use, most would say C++ but most people are switching to Java, and C# as well some other newer ones are gaining traction nowadays.

I will create a open source Visual Basic .NET client/server here in a little bit I will link its source page. Scratch that.

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 20:50 UTC

Hi Again,

Sorry didn’t catch your name, so am bound to call you inductive soul :) . Every one of us has something to offer in one or the other way. Just spend some time here and you will be able to route your expertise to the right direction.  Good technical experts are rare material and in my opinion Asgardia or anyone for that matter of fact would ignore or let go free help. Let us find a better way to channel our energies to the right direction. I am hopeful that you will be a great asset to our cause. As humans we have a flaw that we get angry when we feel that we have been wronged, we also need to have Empathy for other’s work and sometimes we need to put ourselves in their shoes to realize how hard their job is. But I think we are on the right track here. I would love to have more conducive and productive discussion with you in future. I hope you will not feel disappointed and frustrated from now on.

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 21:19 UTC

@Inductive Soul
Well if we were to program our own completely from scratch we could use  the open source model of programming, but we would still need to  determine how we wish to have the protocol.

I'm not thinking we should program some kind of "voice application" from scratch: no need to reinvent the wheel when there is plenty of yet developed frameworks, many of them opensource also (which should be considered for security purposes) and, just waiting some (few) time, even Eijah's new tool could be a nice and viable option (you sure know that far better than me).
The "core suggestion" was to install "some kind of (existing) voice supporting tool" into Asgardia's network so that we, registered users, can connect, authenticate, an use it independently if we're on Earth or (in the future) into space.

This may constitute some "vocal base" to drive all educational processes too (e.g. language learning), conferences, meetings, and so on, as we're scattered all around the world so, partecipating into our new nation's events can become unviable if we'll have to physically move.
This can also create the base to a more active presence, even if virtual, as the next step can be to implement some kind of metaworld (e.g. Opensim) where people can virtually meet, for our internal business, leisure or whatever (e.g. ministries can have their own rooms where to meet without the need to use proprietary tools like Skype or Discord).
This may help in the next years, to keep together the whole nation as, I bet, to really go in the space we'll have to wait a lot of time.

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 21:37 UTC

@Jason Rainbow
Thank you to have pointed me in the right direction, Jason: I'm reading the documentation but I'll continue with this thread, here, for the moment, to verify if there is some base for a more structured project to submit to Asgardia.civic. I understand the need to "streamline project proposals and to standardize submissions for more efficient review by NGO Asgardia" so, if something interesting will come out, I think a project submission will follow. :-)

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 07:56 UTC

Putting fuel on fire , some VoIP service project? Free calls are always juicy :P