Nov 25, 17 / Sag 21, 01 07:06 UTC

Virtual Reality Proposal  

Voting trends suggest that virtual reality may be in demand.  For example, a great project would be to create a VR representation of the proposed space station and add features such as chat.

I'm a VR developer and would be able to work on VR projects.  A quick and efficient way to do this would be to use  in combination with a pre-built Unity asset such as!/content/31047 (take a look at the youtube videos on this page - they are quite something).  is a shared space with many chat rooms, and I think it would be ideal for a first version to test the water and find out if such a system is widely popular and well used before perhaps committing resources to an independent version with custom graphics modelled on the actual space station design.  After reading some info about, I understand that it is compatible with non-VR computers so it should be widely accessible.

My fee for this project would be ten and a half SOLAR.

Would need the go-ahead from an elected leader or likely to be elected leader, as I would not want to tread on any toes if anyone else is is planning to create something similar.  Thanks for taking the time to consider this proposal.

Nov 25, 17 / Sag 21, 01 13:32 UTC

Hi Dirk - thanks for the reply.  Happy to talk to Ross.