Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 05:59 UTC

Re: 186,385 (66%) REJECT the draft Constitution  

@Protean, I'm with you now!!!

This is a joke!

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 07:59 UTC


And you were saying my point and associated math were faulty. LOL 🤣 Truly hysterical. 😂😂

Aug 25, 17 / Lib 13, 01 08:10 UTC

And proving my point further, even the administration's math closely matched mine, stating that as of August 13th only 36% of Asgardians voted to ratify the Constitution, far short of their majority mandated.

And yet the most recent meeting's notes they backdated the ratification to the day they reached 100,000 votes.

Totalitarian buffoons.

Aug 25, 17 / Lib 13, 01 14:45 UTC


Depending on which interpretation you prefer, you could say they are correct in that it was "officially" ratified. After all, 100% of voting "citizens" accepted the constitution... Everyone else is just a tourist...

Aug 30, 17 / Lib 18, 01 21:35 UTC

@User 125756

One could state that, but it wouldn't be accurate. Asgardia's legal framework for the vote was that anyone that was a certified Asgardian was allowed to vote, and from that pool a majority vote was required to ratify. And nothing in the legal documents states anything remotely to the contrary.

Aug 31, 17 / Lib 19, 01 12:15 UTC

Depending on what they mean for "legal document": if, like it seems, they consider "legal document" a post by Lena De Winne on Facebook, they can prove everything. ;-)

Sep 2, 17 / Lib 21, 01 10:19 UTC

Oh kids... okay. To quote George Washington, "Forgive my pause, but I have given my sight to the cause as well." (speaking, holding his notes, attempting to stop the United States military from overthrowing the United States Congress just after the Revolutionary War.)

Firstly - a SOLICITATION is a "legal document", which means when you present a document to a person for action with conditions, terms, and rules - regardless of it being RATIFIED you have manufactured a LEGAL DOCUMENT used to entice and obtain their PARTICIPATION or INVESTMENT in a process or venture.  You are BOUND OVER at that point to the terms you did present IN EXACT LETTER OF OFFER.

Secondly - The rules for the RATIFICATION of the FIRST CONSTITUTION are in fact in Article 42 and 43.  They are very clear, contrary and supercede anything anyone else including GOD says after that, as it does not ALTER THE LEGAL DOCUMENT you created nor can you during voting.  Period.

Thirdly - All persons who did transmit their personal information to "ANYONE" over the Internet and is over 18 chronological years of age would be determined by the SOLICITATION as establishing the QUORUM so defined for eligibility to call the vote of MEMBERS or SHAREHOLDERS of the body politic entitled to vote (suffrage), by the conditions set forth in this Chapter 9 Article 42 and 43 contract, if not for one clause.

Fourth - That one clause says that terms and conditions will be present at a website which is designated under ICANN rules and regulations as "".  At that address, there is a DIRECTIVE in the httpd or similar web server to tell the client browser to enter a DIFFERENT WEBSITE ADDRESS ("") into the browser, or a classic redirect html or asp file which executes the same function.  LEGALLY - there are NO TERMS OF SERVICE at the address "" and that is a "website" as defined by United States law, differentiated from any OTHER WEBSITE under any other use of any name ("").  The "address" in a website is the part that comes before the "", and represents the HOST COMPUTER (www) name on that domain (network).  Legally, this means that there were no conditions whatsoever to agree with or disagree with, and no framework to consent or dissent other than service of notice of dissent.  So...

Fifth - "Everyone over the age of 18 who has sent any 'personal information' to anyone over the Internet is now and perpetually an 'Asgardian citizen' until such time as they choose not to desire it - and serve you with formal written legal notice.  (Chapter 9, Article 42, last sentence - "These persons are considered Asgardian citizens on a preferential basis prior to the adoption of the law on space citizenship of Asgardia and will retain this status subsequently, if desired.")

It's their screw-up, but they made the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE INTERNET PERMANENT AND PERPETUAL CITIZENS OF ASGARDIA.  In Contract, in a formal public SOLICITATION served over International and Interstate borders, binding them to the law in every foreign country under tort (contract law).

Sixth - They try to get out of all this by saying "more than half of the Asgardian citizens who took part in the vote" in Article 43, unaware that the wording goes on to say "for the adoption of the first Constitution, the number of persons pursuant to Article 42 of this Constitution", which means LEGALLY: "Asgardia's Constitution shall be adopted if, in the period of the vote, more than half of the Asgardian citizens who took part in the vote, voted in favour and, for the adoption of the first Constitution, the number of persons pursuant to Article 42 of this Constitution." that all those persons in Article 42 deemed "Asgardian citizens" have to be counted in the total from which the "more than half of" figure is derived.  Not "ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO WENT TO THE POLLING PLACE/PAGE", but specifically ALL persons recognized as "Asgardian citizens".

Seventh - As Article 42 states, as a legal document establishing the quorum (persons subject to suffrage in a test, of any legal or official act or matter), by error of the present staff failing to create the proper website to set ANY terms and conditions, or obtain consent under the specific domain and host specified in the SOLICITATION, they need about 3-4 billion "Yes" votes to adopt this Constitution.

Eightly - Even if we all recognize they screwed up and are willing to give them the www thing in compromise to limit the poll to those persons who got a registration on this alternative website address ("") by redirection link/automation, they still need 150,734 "yes" votes.  They received only 111,362 yes votes.

So the measure did not pass, but we remain (by virtue of the SOLICITATION definition and guarantee in writing) all "Asgardian citizens".

The rest is just things that Lena "said" which have no binding legal power to void or alter or redefine the contract (a LEGAL DOCUMENT, A SOLICITATION) issued.  She's making a fool of Asgardia to not realize this is the normal process of any publicly traded security, and everyone from New York to Hong Kong knows this is not legal in the slightest if they try that "tourist" versus "agreement" to join thing after publishing those two clauses in a formal invitation to participate in a class (a group with privileges to vote, act, or be entitled to the use and powers of a specific organization).  It shows none of them have ever participated in a corporate or government or formal regulatory body of any merit in their lives, and are not demonstrating the understanding of such formal written offers as "the whole contract" in all world courts, immune to verbal and subsequent amendments and definitions after its initial tender and agreement of any party to the uniform document and fixed version in the public offer conditional any use or agreement.

Change one thing, and you invalidate the RIGHT to use the prior votes as valid.  You also lose all rights to use those persons data and information when you do, and it becomes identity theft where they dissent and evidence of such failure to comply with the conditions set forth in the SOLICITATION letter are present.

Securities law 101.  Same as any law of any national charter, articles of incorporation or establishment, or formal political body.

To ignore it is overt fraud, a crime and civil wrongdoing punishable with serious damages including loss of control and ownership of any property both physical and intangible associated with the brand in question (ASGARDIA) if they even had right to use that brand to begin with (see Scott Trembly, Project Jericho registered trademark on ASGARDIA binding in 171 nations and all outer space activity in commerce with those countries perpetually).