ASGARDIA CONSTITUTION (Proposal by D.Kamarinos)

Constitutional Article 1 Asgardia is a Nation of peace and freedom bound with Logic and Reason not Emotion.

Constitutional Article 2 Citizen of Asgardia –or- Asgardian is any Citizen who has one duty. to defend the Constitution,Peace,Freedom and Reason.

Constitutional Article 3 Asgardias Political System is Logical Republic.

Constitutional Article 4 Every 5 Years Asgardia changes Goverment. The Change can be either with Elections either with Random Selection either from Citizen Referendum as explained in Article 5. Change of Goverment hapens only 5 Years. If the Goverment falls either by a Revolution or any other reason Then a temponary Goverment is created from a Citizen Referendum. And has as first priority to keep Asgardia in Order Untill The Time for change comes.

Constitutional Article 5 Rules for Goverment Change. Asgardia can choose if the next goverment will come with Elections or Random Selection or with a direct order by a Referendum. When the Time for change come as explained in Article 4 then the Goverment will ask the People the type for the change with a Temponary Referendum. The Result is 50%+1 of the votes. And after the Temponary Referendum the Goverment :  Diclares 30 days for Elections to take place the party who will gain the magority of the votes is the new Goverment  Creates a Political Team with one citizen from each political party to make the Random Selection with all political parties.  If a Citizen Referendum is choosen then the Goverment must declare 2 Referendums in 30 days. the 1st one after 15 days with all the parties to have 3 winners and a 2nd one after 15 days from 3 winner parties of the 1st the party who will collect 55%+1 is the new Goverment.

Constitutional Article 6 If the Change of Goverment cannot be completed as Article 5 commands Then a new Goverment by Random Selection as explained in Article 5.

Constitutional Article 7 The Goverment is free to Create as many Ministries it wants. In order to speak for the Citizens. From the Citizens,by the Citizens,for the Citizens.

Constitutional Article 8 Laws have no expections. The Last Citizen even if it is a Criminal is as Equal with the 1st Citizen. Anyone who disobey the Laws will be Judged as Article 9 Explains.

Constitutional Article 9 Asgardias Court has only one Law. Logic and Reason. Every law can be disobeyed if there is Reason for it. Every Crime is Judged with Reason. Example: someone kills someone because he/she like to kill this crime has NO logic or Reason and the Court must decide by the Laws the Punisment.

Constitutional Article 10 Asgardias Criminal Justice System is decided by the Laws of Asgardia.

Constitutional Article 11 Asgardia has no President is a Nation of Citizens Rule. The Goverment Desides who Speaks for Asgardias Name with other Nations.

Constitutional Article 12 Asgardia Constitution Changes every 5 Goverments.(20 Years) The 5th Goverment in the end of its Reign 10 mounths before the Change of Goverment (as explained in Article 5) Creates a Team from all Parties with 2 Citizens from each party (the party desides the Citizens) and the team is named Constitution Team.

The Constitution Team has 5 Mounths to Create the new Constituon Proposal and by its order (not the Goverments) puts to a Citizen Referendum to Vote for the New Constitution.

The question must be “ i accept ” and “ i dont accept “ The Result must be 65%+1 if the Proposal of the Constitution Team is not accepted by the Citizens of Asgardia then The Citizens has a Duty to form a new Constitution Team and has 5 Mounths to Create a new Constituon Proposal and by its order (not the Goverments) puts to a Citizen Referendum to Vote for the New Constitution.

The question must be “ i accept ” and “ i dont accept “ The Result must be 65%+1

If the New Proposal is still not Accept by the Citizens of Asgardia then the Constution stays as is untill the next Constituion Change comes after 5 Goverments.

Constitutional Article 13 Asgardia is a Nation of Logic and Reason therfour is bound by none Religion. But every Asgardian Citizen has free will and can have any religion he/she desire.