Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 18:13 UTC

Re: Community Contributors of the Constitution Draft  

Samuel Ofosu-Hene from Ghana 

Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 18:41 UTC

Permission denied. If someone wants to see who contributed they can simply visit the forum thread.

Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 19:25 UTC

Utkarsh Chaturvedi, India

I consent. I gave my suggestions about the voting age.

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Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 21:36 UTC


None of you is obligated to give your names. 

It's only for those of you who wish to get credit for your own suggestions. Those who don't want to, don't have to. 

I got to point out, I kind of started the idea. I was the first to include people's usernames as I would compile their suggestions in the documents. The admin simply goes a step further and gives you the option of also have your real name, if you wish, instead of just your username. 

Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 21:41 UTC

I agree that this is a cool idea and give permission for my info. However, as others point out, the Asgardia team should already have the info for connection between our usernames and personal info. 


Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 22:21 UTC

As @skieswanne and @BloodyClean correctly stated, not only the agreement is not mandatory but, as we're already registered with username and real name into "Asgardia"'s (AIRC and/or NGO Asgardia) databases, they exactly know our (I hope) undisclosed private data.

This thread should accept just a "YES" or a "NO" (and a comment ;-)) as, whatever other information can be seen, into and outside of this forum (which, worth remembering, is visible even by non registered users) to pair your username with your real name and, maybe, with your country and whatever other data you're writing here.

I remember that, at the time the Map have been published, there was many concerns just by the fact one "point" was near to the town of an asgardian... and we're giving to the wide (and wild) internet our data now?

I also subscribe @Scarbs question to have, here, the real names of whoever in the legal team worked on the Constitutional draft: why, all the times we ask "who are they?", you answer "for privacy reasons we can't list their names" and now you're asking the right to publish ours? Is our privacy not that important?
As @tompullin correctly stated, "This is really sounding like a monarchy each and every day. And there is such a lack of transparency I might as well call this a wall".

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Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 00:17 UTC

I consent. Joshua Noland Indiana, United States 

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 00:20 UTC

I do not consent.

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 00:22 UTC

@rejgau(Asgardian) on 3 June 2017, 12:29 a.m.
@Meloncholy(Asgardian) on 4 June 2017, 12:17 a.m.

What are you consenting too??? You didn't write anything in any thread of this forum. In fact, your "consenting post" is the first post ever on this forum...

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Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 00:41 UTC

@tompullin(Asgardian) on 3 June 2017, 3:15 p.m.

Who are the constitution compilers and where are they from? 

The team responsible for consolidating all community input into a single document that gets sent to the LEGAL team are community volunteers. Myself and skieswanne were among 4 members. I had the sense that the legal team does not access this forum. And, all information must be translated (into Russian?) before it's processed. We all made certain to convey everyone's strong disapproval of the form of Government among other points. In fact, skieswanne and I even wrote our own  replacement constitutions to add in the document. At this point, it's beyond our hands. It's up to the project management to accept the input...

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 00:51 UTC


This is NOT a role call! If you had posted directly on FB and/or this forum your input on the Constitution Draft, then it is requested to give you public credit for doing so. Otherwise, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting here...

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 02:30 UTC

I agree. Andrew Dayish from Utah, United States.

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 02:50 UTC

I appreciate that this is not a compulsory requirement (although this was not explicit in the original post), but the question still remains - why?

Given the rediculous, artifical, self imposed timeframe, and the information Asgardia already has, this seems like a redundant and pointless exercise that is a complete waste of time. It makes no sense at all.

I'm sure a brief explination from the officials / mods would probably clear this up. However, their silence is somewhat disconcerting.

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 04:26 UTC

Thank you, Jason, for the needed clarifications.
As it's clear there won't be any mention of our real data in the same place as our username (so no linking unless we'll choose to do it in the future), I agree to give you officials the access to my real name, surname and country, nothing more, IF some of my work, amendments, and suggestions have been integrated into the Constitution and Document of Union we're going to vote for.

Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 04:40 UTC

I'm still not convinced. Regardless, my screen name is sufficient for any "thank you" document. Similar to Elwe Thor, I will not require any thanks if my contributions are not at least considered in the redrafting of the constitution.