Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 16:53 UTC

Re: Community Contributors of the Constitution Draft  

Доброе время суток!

Я отправила свои предложения на русском и английском языках (Google translate): "Обсуждение Конституции Асгардии на русском языке/Discussion of the Asgardia Constitution in Russian"

Благодарю за внимание.

Google translate:

Kind time of day!

I sent my proposals in Russian and English
(Google translate): "Обсуждение Конституции Асгардии на русском языке/Discussion of the Asgardia Constitution in Russian".

Thank you for attention,

Elena Putalova,


Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 19:29 UTC

http://transhumanist-party.org/constitution/ here are some good idea's. Thought I'd just share them too be if help with. For creative aspiration. 

Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 23:04 UTC

Amir Salehi - California, United States

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 01:41 UTC

I promise to work for the best Constitution in humanity history. That's my compromise.

Fernando Eduardo Blua, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 08:45 UTC

Jason and Rebekah, thank you for replying. Both of your answers certainly cleared up any confusion I personally had. Go ahead and use all you need to. 


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Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 02:39 UTC

You are certainly authorised to post my name Randell Annunziato, USA as regards my contributions to the discussion of the Constitution.

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Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 06:15 UTC

Hi, I would to propose the following change to the article  2 of chapter 2. What do you think if we replace the statement: "Asgardia  is a Constitutional Monarchy" with: "Asgardia is a Democratic Community  based on the sharing of the Constitutional Values"?

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 19:49 UTC

I signed up for this. But, honestly, after reading through the Draft Constitution, I find I can't vote for it. 

In part, it could be that I prefer a republic to a kingdom. I saw no area where the Head of Nation is subject to reelection after a set number of years, though at least this person can be impeached by the Parliament.

Which brings me to another question, what is the procedure for removing the Head of Nation? How is it done? In my country's (USA) constitution, there is a set procedure on exactly how Congress impeaches the President. It's not specified in the Asgardia constitution.

Even more disturbing, the Head of Nation can dismiss the Parliament. What's to stop someone out for power from dismissing Parliament, and become a tyrant?

There is imho, way too much power vested in the Head of Nation, while the checks on the HoN, are not strong enough.

Another issue I have is Asgardia's Supreme Values. Now I'm fine with them for the most part, but if an Asgardian citizen were to diss them, he/she can be punished?

In my own country, there is a tradition, where a person can diss its most cherished values, and while that person may not be very popular, his or her right to speak such opinions is protected under our constitution. You can read it in the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

 The Asgardian Constitution has parts that claim the right of every citizen to speak his or her mind... and then talks about how under certain conditions, the government can restrict those rights.

On the whole, I feel this constitution was poorly written and needs serious revisions.

As I said in the beginning, in its present form, I can't vote for it.


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Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 20:25 UTC

I invite all of you to share your dissent in the petition thread against the current draft of the consitution and the voting process.


Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 15:01 UTC

I am locking this thread as the time period has passed and the constitution is published.