May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 06:27 UTC

Re: Discussion of the draft Constitution  

The intellectual property of civil and  military technologies, theories, explicitly artistic work and the  product of artistic works remains under the authority of the government  of Asgardia as long as released for the citizens of Asgardia. Civil  technologies, theories, artistic work and the product of artistic work  must be freely accessible by all Asgardians without costs for  non-commercial and personal use. The manufacturing of technology and  products in general, including manufacturing for export purposes, based  on that intellectual property is overseen and regulated by the  government of Asgardia and attached laws.

 Nihylum You had a good rewrite till Dir10 If I invent create produce or export anything what right does a government have to oversee or regulate other than proper registration to protect my IP or Patent Rights or to make sure that it's safe to use 

If you want to kill creativity,don't let some one make a living and Asgardia will fall apart from the beginning  

Look like it or not Asgardia is a business venture just any other country Look at Germany don't they own half of T-Mobile . Or did at one time How do you think the EU pays for all those free services that taxs don't cover it's a 50-50 splite in the major businesses ,and the rest of the planet pays for them when they buy Cars, Steel,Electronics ,so on and so forth  But if the government of Asgardia wants to partner ,as much as I don't relish the idea .I go alond with it    


                                                                                                                                  Last edited by:                                                                                           nihylum                                            (Asgardian)                                             on 20 May 2017, 7:50 a.m.,                                             edited 1 time                                                 in total.                                                                                                                              
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May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 06:33 UTC

I think the Asgardian Citizens need more than 10 days to read, digest, discuss, and provide a balanced and considered response to the 33 page draft constitution. There are some good things in it. There are some rough edges. There is room for improvement. Most people have full time jobs and cannot allocate a solid 3 full-time days to provide the type of reply that any draft constitution of a nation state requires. I petition Asgardia for the 1 to 2 month timeline for *multiple independent responses* to be submitted, and the opportunity for another full review of the next revision of the draft. I think an iterative well-structured process will result in a better document.

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 06:36 UTC

I call this collective intellectual property. Further laws can engage private intellectual properties which attach a registry for them under specific regulations. I don't see an issue here. I just want to ensure that intellectual properties who aim to extend human living on a nations scale are properly overseen, regulated and supported. Those should be accessible to every Asgardian and not limited. I want to ensure that those intellectual properties are open get extended, improved or changed under the same conditions. But thank you for your thoughts, i will consider them at the next review of my suggestions.

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 07:20 UTC

There is confusion about Asgardians involvement in electing their representatives. The first chapter clause 9 says there is no place for politics in Asgardia but that is how people are represented. By choosing their representatives. The age limits are ridiculous as well. You cannot have a parliament of over 50 years and a supreme council of over 60 years while the largest age group in asgardia is 18 to 35 years. I think we need more time to come up with a people centered constitution rather than the one we have now which is leadership centered.

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 07:22 UTC

Im fairly satisfied with what I have read in the constitution. I understand the need for currency because we will need to interact with other countries, but within Asgardia whats the point? This will simple serve to create a cast system. To me this takes away the idea of equality and just mirrors the rest of the greedy nations on Earth. We all work for the betterment of our nation and Earth as a whole so why use currency internally. When we interact with Earth nations our citizens can be given a stipend based on the work they do and how long they have been with Asgardia. Just a concern I wanted to address and ultimately I will live by whatever the nation decides, but I would really love to see us not become another greedy nation where the rich get richer and the poor cannot do anything but eek by.

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 10:32 UTC

Entre las numerosas críticas que existen sobre el proyecto de constitución, destacan el concepto de Monarquía Constitucional, el papel del Consejo Supremo de Valores, su composición interna, así como los poderes propios del jefe de estado.

Es necesario algunos cambios en la misma, flecos que creo que son necesarios recortar, para que la misma sea más aceptable.

1. Figura del Jefe de Estado. 

Artículo 32. Punto 8. Los Candidatos para el nuevo Jefe de Estado serán DOS propuestos por el Parlamento y UNO por el Consejo Supremo. 

Se elimina así la posibilidad de una sucesión dinástica.

Artículo 32. Punto 12, letra a. Se añade al texto "con la aprobación previa del parlamento". El nombramiento de dichos cargos son muy importantes, y deberían estar bajo control parlamentario.

Artículo 32. Punto 12, letra c. Se elimina la frase "and has the right to dissolve Parliament". Se evita así la posibilidad de impedir el ejercicio de la democracia.

 2. Consejo Real de Valores Supremos. 

Artículo 33. Punto 2. El Consejo Real lo forman 21 miembros, nombrados por el Jefe de Estado y aprobados por el Parlamento, quienes han tenido logros particulares en áreas de la economía, ciencia, cultura, arte, educación, derecho, salud, derechos humanos y libertades, crianza de los hijos, deportes, caridad y otros logros públicos o gubernamentales.

Se limita el número pero no las edades. Y se añade el control parlamentario de la elección.

3. Parlamento.

Artículo 34. Punto 3. Eliminar el límite de 50 años.

Artículo 34. Punto 5. Eliminar el límite de 70 años.

Son límites al que no encuentro sentido alguno.

Artículo 34. Punto 11. Eliminar la frase "The Head of State may dissolve Parliament". Eliminar la capacidad de impedir al Jefe de Estado el ejercicio de la democracia.

4. Recursos financieros

Artículo 13. Punto 2. Eliminado. El nombre de la moneda nacional no debería aparecer en la Constitución. ( O elegir otro nombre)

google translate

Among the many criticisms that exist about the draft Constitution, the concept of Constitutional Monarchy, the role of the Supreme Council of Values, its internal composition, as well as the powers of the head of state stand out. Some changes are necessary in the same, fringes that I think are necessary to cut, so that the same one is more acceptable. 

1. Figure of the Head of State. 

Article 32. Point 8. Candidates for the new Head of State shall be TWO proposed by Parliament and ONE by the Supreme Council. This eliminates the possibility of a dynastic succession. 

Article 32. Point 12, letter a. It is added to the text "with the prior approval of the parliament". The appointment of such positions is very important, and should be under parliamentary control. 

Article 32. Point 12, letter c. The phrase "and has the right to dissolve Parliament" is deleted. This avoids the possibility of impeding the exercise of democracy.  

2. Royal Council of Supreme Values. 

Article 33. Point 2. The Royal Council consists of 21 members, appointed by the Head of State and approved by Parliament, who have had particular achievements in the areas of economics, science, culture, art, education, law, health, rights Human and freedoms, parenting, sports, charity and other public or governmental achievements. The number is limited but not the ages. And the parliamentary control of the election is added.

 3. Parliament

 Article 34. Point 3. Eliminate the limit of 50 years.

 Article 34. Point 5. Eliminate the limit of 70 years. They are limits to which I can not find any meaning. 

Article 34. Point 11. Delete the phrase "The Head of State may dissolve Parliament". Eliminate the ability to prevent the Head of State from exercising democracy. 

4. Financial resources

 Article 13. Item 2. Eliminated. The name of the national currency should not appear in the Constitution. (Or choose another name)

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May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 11:32 UTC

Монархия слабая система, надо Диктатуру или полностью демократическую республику. Монетизация нужна для становления государственности как : флаг, герб, конституция. Но распределение внутренних ресурсов Асгардии между Асгардийцами не должна быть выражено в денежных единицах. Возрастной ценз завышен на мой взгляд.

**Mod Edit** Translation - Monarchy is a weak system, you need a dictatorship or a fully democratic republic. Monetization is necessary for the formation of statehood as: flag, emblem, constitution. But the distribution of the internal resources of Asgardia between the Asgardians should not be expressed in monetary units. The age limit is overestimated in my opinion. By Zahira,  21- 05-2017, 12:35 UTC

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May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 12:07 UTC

1. SCARBS basically wrote exactly what i was (obviously with a few minor added or different).

One simple message i demand of the first admin or anyone with any sort of powers above most (even a forum admin) as this message needs to get straight to the top, not to anyone else. It is for current head of state to recieve  and not for anyone under to interpet and/or think they have the authority to stop this request, As a asgardian i have the right and will be using that now to communicate this message to the head of state due to there yet to be any formal authoritys based from the constitution as it not applicable. The message is:

Andrew Gillard will be discussing with you at the Australian meetup a few issues which are of  extreme concern. For your benifit and out of general repect i have choosen to not publicly bring these to light untill ive given you the opportunity to explain a few things. Preferbly, immediate contact would best for both partys. I can be contacted on securly (E2E encryption automatic) To ensure you take this seriously i leave you with these words: Space is up, where Asgardia will be. Brother there is no time/place/reason for it too travel east SMIB.

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 12:24 UTC

На мой взгляд возрастные границы очень завышены, большинство граждан Асгардии моложе 40 лет и верхние палаты правительства будет не из кого выбирать. Придется брать просто людей подходящих по возрастному критерию.

**Mod Edit** English translation - In my opinion, the age boundaries are very high, most of the citizens of Asgardia are under the age of 40 and the upper chambers of the government will not be able to choose from anyone. It is necessary to take simply people suitable according to the age criterion. By Zahira, 21-05-2017, 12:19 UTC

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May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 13:22 UTC


Err man in theory, we don't have this right (yet), they will not show a message to Igor from the forum, and the only one who i think (not certain) that as the oppurtunity to talk with Igor is Rebekah (and Lena), the only thing that you can do is send her a email and wait.(we dont have the right to talk to him, we are only certified Asgardians there no citizenship yet so we theorically dont have the "Rights")

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 13:49 UTC

I'm not constitucionalist, even I have 2 years of Law (includen Constitutional I and II), even so, I don't think I'm qualified to do a Constitution... but I can share Ideas...

This is what I think any Constitution must have:

1) Form of GovernmentRepublic, Monarchy, Dictatorship
We are a Nation that wants to be a State, recognized by the UN, for Space, something that has never existed ... therefore ... better to think about a form of government agreed.
If we are a Digital Nation , we can have a digital government that we can all have access to, and delegate our mandate for a period of well-known people. They must make public their profile, their qualities, their heritage, to avoid the evils of the present systems. And to abandon the mandate after ( four years)  with exactly the same personal fortune as they would have upon entering, plus what they would have received for salary if they had.

2) In whom rests the Sovereignty, therefore, from whom the power 

What is Sovereignty:


Sovereignty (from the Latin "super amus", "supreme lord") is the political will that a People has the right to make decisions to determine, to manifest, and to make decisions independently of external powers.


The sovereignty has the following characteristics:
- It's inalienable. Sovereignty can not be transferred or alienated under any title to any person or group of persons. The people, when organizing themselves in state, can at most delegate to their rulers to exercise it.
- It's imprescriptible. As this delegate, the people do not exercise it by themselves, but this lack of exercise does not fade, the people do not lose sovereignty over the passage of time without exercising it.
- Unique. The town has no other "sovereignties", it is unique. Thus, the peoples of the nations recognized in Law No. 4021 Transitional Electoral Regime Art. 32 do not have sovereignty. Eg: Only the Bolivian people have sovereignty. There is a single sovereignty and belongs to the people of the Bolivian nation which is made up of the peoples of the mestizos, the Bolivian nations and the people of the Afro-Bolivians (CPE, Art. 3).
- Indivisible. The sovereignty is not delegated in part, is delegated totally or not.

3) Division of Powers

The theory of the division of powers is the historical result of the struggle against the absolutism of kings in the name of the rights and freedoms of citizens. Locke and Montesquieu are those who actually appear as formulators of the theory of the division of powers. Both start from the necessity that the decisions should not concentrate, so that the organs of the power have to be controlled by means of a system of checks and balances. If, on the doctrinal level, the theory of the division of powers is due to the work of Locke and Montesquieu, as has been mentioned, its legislative configuration came with the American Constitution of 1787 and, later, in 1789, the Declaration of the Rights of man and of citizens will determine the need for separation of powers.

4) Fundamental Rights

The fundamental rights are those rights inherent to the person, legally recognized and protected procedurally, as an orientation, and since we want to be part of the UN, I leave link to the Declaration of Human Rights ... http: // www.

5) Territory
This is a critical point ... we do not have it.

6) Citizenship, who is and how it is obtained.
In a new state, like ours, I understand that citizens are all those who have freely adopted this nationality (and can be extended directly to the descendents, with the condition (or not) that after reaching the majority they Ratify, for example, it can not be waived.

7) Freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism.-

Political pluralism
: A higher value of the legal and identifiable legal order of a social and democratic State by which the means of defense of the interests of the population groups are legitimized, and the Constitution is sponsored by all public powers that freedom and equality of The individuals and groups in which they are integrated are real and effective

8) Interdiction of arbitrariness.-

Prohibition that the public powers act according to the will of their owners, without complying with the rules
. In the Rule of Law governs the rule of law, to which all powers are subject. (Here we are already failing, before being born).

Include here taxes, administrative concepts etc. It is not appropriate. It must be developed by the Laws that make the interpretation of the Constitution. Normally  it is a matter of the respective Civil, Commercial, Criminal,  Administrative Codes ... The constitution is the primordial Law, of  which the others demand, therefore, it is by definition the widest and  least concrete, it contains the basic general principles that Shall govern the State.. Greetings, Asgardians

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 15:02 UTC

Добрый день! Прочитал сегодня проект Конституции. Довольно большой обьем расбросанной информации трудно для восприятия. Но по первым общим впечатлениям вполне достойный проект, что касается общих положений о равенстве,справедливости, социальной защиты,стремления к миру прогрессу и общей духовной и научной эволюции все очень хорошо. Несколько пунктов только вызвало вопросы. Во первых "основываясь на первородстве человека во Вселенной,принимаем настоящую Декларацию". Что значит на первородстве? Откуда это,на чем то более понятном можно было основываться? )) 

Насчет конституционной монархии тут народ удивлялся,а по мне так это вполне ожидаемо, это насколько я понимаю просто символично по мотивам мифологии викингов,где Один и совет высших 12 жрецов правил Небесным городом Асгардом...  Или есть более научное обоснование?)

По поводу возрастного ценза на должности,тут по видимому хотели чтобы более умудренные жизненным опытом работали люди, чтобы молодежь не напортачила ,но по моему более мудро было бы ввести вместо возрастного ценза специальный экзамен тест на умственное ,моральное и  духовное развитие человека,тест прошел ,тогда и можно претендовать на какую то важную долность.

Что касается налогов и финансов, то конкретная сумма не указана,как обязательная,например можно было бы чисто символический налог 1 евро в месяц ввести,из этого,если 500 тыс. человек,например уже можно формировать буджет,содержать на эту суму несколько школ,академии,больниц,телеканал,радио и диппредставительства,лабораторию и т.д. Ну еще много вопросов есть,например денежная единица "Гор",эмитируется в обьеме привязанном к идеальным параметрам Луны,определяемым специальным законом Асгардии )) Это вообще наверное только масонам посвященным понятно)

Конечно создавать новую Конституцию для нового государства такого уровня и  масштаба непросто,но главное в общем уже есть,но главный смысл то должен быть ясен и понятен..

Вот еще интересна статья 27,пункт 7. Сейчас 13 официальных языков, но в будущем Асгардия стремится к единому асгардианскому языку.  Что это за язык будет?  Смотрели ли вы фильм "Прибытие" ,экранизацию фантастической книги Тэда Чана "История моей жизни", так там  высокоразвитые инопланетяне хептаподы прилетели на Землю, зависли над 12 районами Земли,где как они считали есть центры 12 главных языков на планете,и решили научить землян новому языку,единому  Универсальному языку, котрый вмещает в себя единое понятие времени и пространства...который в итоге и создает главная героиня на основе общения с пришельцами.. Если учесть что язык это носитель сознания,то это один из важнейших пунктов...

**Mod Edit** English Translation - Good afternoon! I read today the draft Constitution. A fairly large volume of scattered information is difficult to comprehend. But according to the first general impressions, it is quite a worthy project, as for the general provisions on equality, justice, social protection, the desire for peace of progress and general spiritual and scientific evolution are all very well. A few points just caused questions. Firstly, "based on the primogeniture of man in the universe, we accept this Declaration." What does it mean on birthright? Where did this, on something more understandable, could be based? ))

As for the constitutional monarchy, the people were surprised here, and for me it is quite expected, as far as I understand it is simply symbolic on the motives of the Viking mythology, where Odin and the council of the top 12 priests rule Asgard's heavenly city ... Or is there a more scientific justification?)

As for the age qualification for the positions, apparently they wanted to make people more experienced in life experience work so that young people would not screw up, but in my opinion it would be wiser to introduce a special test instead of age qualification for mental, moral and spiritual development of a person, Then you can pretend to have something important.

As for taxes and finances, a specific amount is not indicated, as mandatory, for example, it would be possible to introduce a purely symbolic tax of 1 euro per month, from this, if 500,000 people, for example, you can already form a budget, Academy, hospital, TV channel, radio and diplomatic missions, laboratory, etc. Well, there are still many questions, for example, the monetary unit "Gore", is emitted in a volume tied to the ideal parameters of the Moon, determined by the special law of Asgardia)) It is generally only possible to the initiates to understand the masons)

Of course, it is not easy to create a new Constitution for a new state of such a level and scale, but the main thing in general already exists, but the main meaning should be clear and understandable ..

Here is another interesting article 27, point 7. Now there are 13 official languages, but in the future Asgardia seeks a single Asgardian language. What kind of language will it be? Have you watched the film "Arrival", a screen version of Ted Chan's fantastic book "The Story of My Life", where highly developed aliens, the heptapods, flew to Earth, hanging over 12 regions of the Earth where they believed there were centers of 12 major languages on the planet, and decided to teach earthlings A new language, a single Universal language that incorporates a single concept of time and space ... which in the end is created by the main character on the basis of communication with aliens. If we take into account that the language is the bearer of consciousness, then this is one of the most important items ...

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May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 17:03 UTC

Hey everyone. So seeing as the constitution is generating a lot of discussion it might be a good idea to start a group to look at reviewing the draft and proposing changes/alternatives to the issues people are currently concerned about, and what we could do to help improve the constitution become a better representation of the ideals of Asgardia and the community from now to the day of the vote and even afterwards if need be. If you're interested in joining drop by the Asgardia General Offical group look for this post , it's much easier to talk since we lack a messaging function on here for that sort of stuff.

hope to see some of you there and to get some good imput 

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 18:48 UTC

"Asgardia’s sovereign currency is issued by the National Bank in the amount tied to the ideal parameters of the Moon set by a special law of Asgardia." - What does this mean?

 "Parliament consists of 150 members selected on the basis of language in approximate proportion to the 13 official languages of Asgardia." -
What happens when there is only 1 language?

A member of Parliament may be elected for an unlimited number of terms, with the maximum age of 70. - We need term limits, and a lower election age requirement

Parliament’s powers include: appointing and removing ministers. - Should be citizens who elect them not Parliament

Parliament comprises 13 permanent committees whose areas of responsibility correspond to the Government ministries. - Committees should be listed

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 19:30 UTC

There are many people who like the idea of monarchy unfortunately I am not one of them I lived in a presidential system of government, but if they propose a parliamentary monarchy where the king / president / head of state is subordinate to the powers of parliament,  I think that the head of  state can propose ideas but should not be involved in making decisions in the UK he cried blood and tears to be able to have a functional parliament at least igor would not try to call it king plachacha

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