May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 05:01 UTC

Re: Discussion of the draft Constitution  

Hello Fellow Asgardians  from the Moraine Ohio sector These are my Thoughts on  Checks and Balances ,They come in the form of vetting the HoS/PoA Picks and then Parliament/ Congress  doing the placements if they pass, plus not allowing the HoS/PoA from dissolving the Parliament/Congress. Parliament/ Congress makes the laws the HoS/ PoA ether has to pass it or veto it. If vetoed it should back and be re worked or the Parliament/Congress has 30 days to get a 2/3s vote to over turn the veto and pass the law after which the HoS/ PoA has to live with the decision or vice-a-verse. As far as departments, there's too many. They need to be paired down/ There should be three branches of government  Executive, Legislature,Justice The Asgardian Supreme Court is a stand alone just like in the states Judges are appointed by the HoS/ PoA ,but still have to be vetted by the Legislature . and the Court is only there to see that the government is following the laws and Constitution not making laws .  The departments under the  Executive HoS/ PoA should only be Defense,State department ,Intel ,Trade ,and  Treasury ( no national bank) Justice takes care of Civil courts and citizen safety ( not to include fire safety) This can be an off shoot of defense. The Legislature is the purse strings of it all

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 05:46 UTC

LOREZYRA Hello Heres a little rewrite of your draft I did not read this before my earlier posts today.

I just went over the first parts will look over the others tommorrow  

This is just my take from an older point of view

  1. Right to Identity
    1. One may choose to have/not have a given Ideology or Philosophy.  
    2. One cannot have their identity taken, discriminated, or another forced upon them without consent.
    3. One may self-designate orientation of physical and mental preference.
  2. Right to Representation
    1. One is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and or by their peers . This also covers 2 and 3
    2. One has equal right before the law and entitled to council.
    3. One has equal right for peaceful petition.
  3. Right to Intelligence/Sentience
    1. One is equal regardless of origin, before the law, and is entitled to all rights of intelligence/sentience.combine 1 and 3 do some rewording ,They are both say in the same thing 
  4. Right to Community (This is the same as # 14)
    1. All are entitled to gather in safe environments.
    2. All are freely allowed to associate in family, network, or organization in any consensual manner.
    3. All are entitled to the luxury of entertainment for the purpose of individual, and communal, Cognition (sanity). 
  5. Right to Communication ( Just say Freedom Of Speech)
    1. All are equal in communication, conversation, and expression, adhering to ethical/moral obligations.
  6. Right to Travel and Transportation
    1. One has the right to travel for purposes of pleasure, business, or education. Don’t need to specify Opening line is good enough  
  7. Right to Individual Health
    1. One’s health is recognized as individualized and as such, all are entitled to a customized health (care), based upon Creditable Confirmation.
    2. One has the right to resources needed to sustain a full life. 
  8. Right to Equality ( That’s a no brainer and doesn’t have to be based on anything in a free nation)So drop line 1, And 2 doesn’t matter
    1. All are equal regardless of origin based upon a meritocracy.
    2. All are equally entitled to Honors, Decorations, and Medals when requirements for said items have been meet. 
  9. Right to Seek work
    1. All are equal to seek skills in an area of proficiency. 
    2. One is free to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade, or business, within one’s proficiency.Should read All Asgardians have the Right to Earn a Living. Drop Lines 1 and 2 Not needed 
  10. Right to Education
    1. All are entitled to seek and obtain the highest level of education one is able to obtain.
  11. Right to Existence 11 thru 14 are all the same delete 11-13 make 14 #11 and go from there 
    1. One has the right to life (with the exception of one who has forfeited such life by the law – if legalized).
    2. One has the right to die based upon the quality of life one has. This is a little slippery when placed next #7
    3. One has the right to transcend one’s physical or mental capabilities through natural or artificial means.
  12. Right to Bodily Sanction
    1. One has the right to physical safety.  One cannot be arbitrarily or unjustly altered, augmented, harmed, maimed, or otherwise pain inflicted, without the permission of the sentient in question. (Consumption of Smoking, Alcohol, GMO other legal items.)
  13. Right to Cognitive Consistency
    1. All have the right to maintain their Cognitive Structures.  Forcible rewriting, editing, planting of false memories can destroy a person-hood.
  14. Right to Life Liberty and Pursuite of Happiness  ( Its common sense about children and teens)( Drop Line ) Its all in the statement
    1. All have control of their own life, within the law, and cannot be forcibly owned, detained, or otherwise coerced; with the exception of one not yet of legal age, or placed under guardianship.
  15. Right to Offspring
    1. One cannot be arbitrarily denied the right of procreation.  Population control policies must be fair for the environment the populace is contained, e.g. space station versus planetary surface. Getting a little main land China Here
    2. One has the right to choose the partner of parenting. 
  16. Right to Prosperity
    1. All are entitled to seek advancement and prosperity for themselves, while performing within the ethical, social, and legal limits. Drop this part It’s a given that is for them self’s 
    2. One is entitled to property, (within the means of the society, and to the protection of said property, within the law .Drop this part
  17. Right to Critique This fall under freedom of speech # 17 not needed it over kill 
    1. All are allowed to express themselves in any reasonable manner without censure, attack, or otherwise inhibition. 
    2. All are allowed to express through, but are not limited to, public speaking, published opinions, religious expression, bodily form, and chosen garments.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 05:47 UTC

Bill of Responsibilities If you have to make common sense an Obligation Then the governing body doesn’t think there citizens are very intelligent  

  1. The Obligation of Respect to Oneself, Others, Asgardian Law and Assets.
    1. With respect to the Bill of Rights. 
  2. The Obligation of Rationalism.
    1. Use of proven methods for discussion and decision-making.
  3. The Obligation to be free from Corruption.

  4. The Obligation to participate in the development of Asgardia
    1. Participate in voting, cleaning, volunteering, etc.
  5. The Obligation to keep the secretsof your post in Asgardia
    1. Keep one’s council to maintain Respect and Integrity.
  6. The Obligation to be peaceful
    1. Peaceful action leads to respect; there are others authorized to assist you, if deemed necessary.
  7. The Obligation to perform peaceful actions in the name of Asgardia
    1. Asgardian’s represent the Nation, speak and act well.
  8. The Obligation to protect Asgardiaand its citizens
    1. Be willing to take action for others, for the benefit of the People.
  9. The Obligation to represent oneself with proper etiquette.
    1. Confirmed Creditability for yourself and others.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 06:56 UTC

I oppose monarchical forms of organization for a number of reasons. 

Technically that's a violation of the basic principles of organization of complex systems – Ashby's law (, since no leader can be highly competent in many issues (a disease not only of monarchies, but any quasimonarchies – strong presidential republic, etc.). However, in the stated activities of Asgardia, by definition, inevitable situation when strong leadership is needed.

I propose to consider the following model of dynamic leadership.

In addition to Ministries, Asgardia are related by the relevant Councils (Soviets) with the elected Leaders (formed in a first approximation according to the principles of competence and meritocracy). The difference is that the Ministry – appointed structures, carrying out routine activities, the Executive structures of the Councils, and the Councils – elected and strategic. In any the moment in the current situation, operational management (leadership) activity of Asgardia belongs to the Leader of the relevant Council, with the participation of members of the Council, but only within the framework of its competence, and limited time interval. He is the current Operator of Asgardia. 

So, in the event of fast threats such as collision with an asteroid body almost all the power to take the necessary measures sent the Leader of the Security Council. He has the authority to use all technical resources – but, for example, not impact on social or cultural sphere. After target solutions - eliminate the threat – he sends the credentials of the Operator to the Leader of another Council like the Council of Foreign Relations or the Council of Science. 

The model assumes action of Operators in the region of their maximum competence and reduce the likelihood of seizing power. I propose to develop the theme.

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 13:43 UTC

Una propuesta para el artículo 32. 

Articulo 32. Jefe de La Nación de Asgardia 

1. El Jefe de La Nación es el más alto funcionario de Asgardia, el garante de la Constitución, que establece las principales direcciones de la política interior y exterior y representa al Estado en el país y en el extranjero. 

2. El primer Jefe de la Nación elegido el 20/01/17 es Igor Ashurbeyli.  

3. El Jefe de la Nación tiene un mandato único de 10 años.

4. El Jefe de la Nación es elegido mediante elección directa de los ciudadanos.

5. El segundo Jefe de La Nación puede ser cualquier ciudadano asgardiano de más de 40 años que haya tenido la ciudadanía espacial durante al menos cinco años antes de ser nombrado, que tenga la salud física y mental para desempeñar las funciones de Jefe de Estado. 

6. En caso de fallecimiento, renuncia, incapacidad permanente o declaración de fallecimiento del Jefe de Estado, así como en las circunstancias previstas por la ley cuando el Jefe de La Nación no pueda desempeñar sus funciones, éstas pasarán temporalmente al Presidente del Parlamento hasta que las razones que impidieron al Jefe de Estado cumplir el desempeño de estas funciones, dejarán de estar en vigor o hasta la toma de posesión del nuevo jefe de La Nación.

7. El procedimiento para elegir a los Jefes de La Nación y organizar sus actividades está establecido por la ley y la Constitución.

8. El Parlamento podrá retirar al Jefe de La Nación de su cargo de conformidad con el procedimiento establecido por la ley en caso de: 

a. incapacidad permanente para desempeñar sus funciones por motivos de salud;

 b. el Fiscal General acuse al Jefe de La Nación de traición u otro delito grave, con tal acusación confirmada por una conclusión del Tribunal Real; 

c. el Fiscal General o la Sala de Valores Supremos acuse al Jefe de La Nación de una grave violación de la Constitución de Asgardia, con tal acusación confirmada por una conclusión de la Corte Real. 

9. El Jefe de La Nación goza de inmunidad y se le otorga una garantía de por vida de seguridad personal y la seguridad de su propiedad después de dejar el cargo. 

10. El Jefe de La Nación:

 a. nombra y elimina al Presidente de la Oficina Nacional de Auditoría, al Presidente del Consejo Supremo de la Nación y a los embajadores asgardianos extraordinarios y plenipotenciarios de las naciones de la Tierra;

 b. Propone y nombra al candidato a Presidente de Gobierno.

c. convoca a las elecciones de los miembros del Parlamento de conformidad con la ley de Asgardia; 

d. negocia y firma tratados internacionales, instrumentos de ratificación, acepta cartas credenciales y destituye a los representantes diplomáticos; 

e. propone proyectos de ley al Parlamento, firma leyes adoptadas por el Parlamento y las devuelve sin firma con derecho a promulgarlas, y tiene derecho a vetar leyes adoptadas por el Parlamento; 

f. otorga premios estatales y otorga rangos militares y títulos honoríficos; 

g. otorga clemencia;

 h. nombra al personal de la Administración del Jefe de Estado, órgano que apoya la labor del Jefe de Estado; 

i. crea órganos de discusión y asesoramiento para apoyarlo en la realización de sus deberes; 

j. desempeña otras funciones estipuladas por la Constitución y la ley de Asgardia. 

 11. En caso de agresión contra Asgardia por parte de las naciones de la Tierra o amenazas directas de tal agresión, el Jefe de La Nación declara un estado de emergencia de conformidad con la ley de Asgardia, la cual debe ser confirmada posteriormente por el Parlamento. 

12. El Jefe de La Nación emite decretos que son obligatorios para los ciudadanos asgardianos. Los decretos del Jefe de La Nación no deben contrarrestar la Constitución y las leyes de Asgardia.

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 13:45 UTC

google Tanslate

Article 32. Head of the Nation of Asgardia
1. The Chief of the Nation is the highest official of Asgardia, the guarantor of the Constitution, which establishes the main directions of domestic and foreign policy and represents the State at home and abroad.
2. The first Head of the Nation elected on 01/20/17 is Igor Ashurbeyli.
3. The Head of the Nation has a unique mandate of 10 years.
4. The Chief of the Nation is elected by direct election of the citizens.
5. The second Chief of the Nation may be any Asgardian citizen of more than 40 years who has had the space citizenship for at least five years before being appointed, who has the physical and mental health to perform the functions of Head of State.
6. In case of death, resignation, permanent incapacity or declaration of death of the Head of State, as well as in the circumstances provided by law when the Chief of the Nation is unable to perform his functions, they shall be temporarily transferred to the President of Parliament until The reasons that prevented the Head of State from fulfilling these functions will no longer be in force or until the inauguration of the new head of the Nation.
7. The procedure for electing the Heads of the Nation and organizing their activities is established by law and the Constitution.
8. The Parliament may withdraw the Head of the Nation from office in accordance with the procedure established by law in case of:
to. Permanent incapacity to perform their functions for health reasons;
 B. The Attorney General accuses the Chief of the Nation of treason or other serious crime, with such accusation confirmed by a conclusion of the Royal Court;
C. The Attorney General or the Supreme Securities Court accuses the Chief of the Nation of a serious violation of the Constitution of Asgardia, with such accusation confirmed by a conclusion of the Royal Court.
9. The Chief of the Nation enjoys immunity and is granted a lifetime guarantee of personal security and the security of his property after leaving office.
10. The Head of the Nation:
 to. Appoints and removes the President of the National Audit Office, the President of the Supreme Council of the Nation and the extraordinary and plenipotentiary Asgardian ambassadors of the nations of the Earth;
 B. Proposes and appoints the candidate to President of Government.
C. Calls for elections to the members of Parliament in accordance with the law of Asgardia;
D. Negotiates and signs international treaties, instruments of ratification, accepts credentials and dismisses diplomatic representatives;
and. Proposes bills to Parliament, signs laws adopted by Parliament and returns them without signature with the right to promulgate them, and has the right to veto laws adopted by Parliament;
F. Awards state awards and awards military ranks and honorary titles;
G. Grant clemency;
 H. Appoints the staff of the Administration of the Head of State, which supports the work of the Head of State;
I. Creates discussion and advisory bodies to support him in the performance of his duties;
J. Performs other functions stipulated by the Constitution and the law of Asgardia.
 11. In case of aggression against Asgardia by the nations of the Earth or direct threats of such aggression, the Head of the Nation declares a state of emergency in accordance with the law of Asgardia, which must be confirmed later by the Parliament .
12. The Chief of the Nation issues decrees that are obligatory for the Asgardian citizens. The decrees of the Chief of the Nation should not counteract the Constitution and the laws of Asgardia.

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 13:53 UTC

He utilizado el texto original del proyecto de constitución. Los cambios más importantes son:

1. Mantengo el título de Jefe de la Nación.

2. Tiene un mandato único de 10 años.

3. Los siguientes serán elegidos por elección democrática por parte de los ciudadanos de Asgardia.

4. se elimina el poder suspender al parlamento.

5. el consejo real de valores supremos pasa a llamarse Consejo Supremo Nacional.

google translate

I have used the original text of the draft constitution. The most important changes are:
1. I hold the title of Chief of the Nation.
2. It has a unique mandate of 10 years.
3. The following will be elected by democratic choice by the citizens of Asgardia.
4. the power to suspend parliament is eliminated.
5. The royal council of supreme values is renamed National Supreme Council.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 14:05 UTC

5. The second Chief of the Nation may be any Asgardian citizen of more than 40 years who has had the space citizenship for at least five years before being appointed, who has the physical and mental health to perform the functions of Head of State.

This if and only if the asgardian citizen is "nominated by Parliament and/or by Royal Council of Supreme Values" (Art. 32, pt. 8). Citizens can't choose by their own who candidate.
That apart, we won't have that "problem" 'till 2038. ;-)
Many things will happen, up to that point, and the king may also decide to write laws enough (which will be "adopted by Parliament") to avoid us to have that problem at all... so kind.

3. The Head of the Nation has a unique mandate of 10 years.

This seems to me far more interesting, in addiction to submit the renewal to Parliament only which, also, should be explicitly and fully entitled of the legislative power, giving the HoS the power of not signing the laws, but not "forever": after three times he must accept them.

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 17:50 UTC

Конституция Асгардии - это целевой документ нового государства, которое будет применяться для решения некоторых животрепещущих задач — в частности, защиты нашей планеты от внешних угроз 

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 17:51 UTC

1.  The constitution document needs EXTENSIVE rewriting.  It is embarrassing in its current form.
2.  If Asgardia is founded as a monarchy, constitutional monarchy, dictatorship, etc... then I do not wish to remain a citizen.  If Asgardia is being founded as a way for Igor to gain power and prestige, it is already doomed to fail.  Let's please take this seriously.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 17:56 UTC

Очень хочется, чтобы Конституция Асгардии не была  вариацией на тему микронаций … 

**Mod Edit** English translation-I very much want the Constitution of Asgardia not to be a variation on the topic of micronation ... Zahira, 24-05-2017, 23:19 UTC

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 20:08 UTC

I agree with my fellow asgardians concerned with this "tax" buisniess. Not that I am trying to avoid taxes ,but if we don't need them, why have them? Perhaps this is something to look into and rethink? The rest of the constitution is great and exciting even! I just don think want asgardia to turn into one of those out of the frying pan into the fire scenarios. I have high hopes for asgardia! I'm sure we will find the solution. One humanity, one unity.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 21:11 UTC

La monarquía FUE Una sorpresa Gran, mas no estoy en contra Por Que No me gustan los Partidos Políticos de la ONU Que provocan círculo vicioso de Poder y Corrupción. Pero TAMPOCO me gusta Que El Padre de la Nación y los jefes gocen de impunidad y al final de jefe de Alta Seguridad de Su Trabajo Como.La monarquía FUE Una sorpresa Gran, mas no estoy en contra Por Que No me gustan los Partidos Políticos de la ONU Que provocan círculo vicioso de Poder y Corrupción. Pero TAMPOCO me gusta Que El Padre de la Nación y los jefes gocen de impunidad y al final de jefe de Alta Seguridad de Su Trabajo Como.

Muchos ESTÁN pensando Que El señor Igor Quiere Ser Rey.

Una Una constitución le hace falta aclaraciones y Detalles Sobre Procedimientos Legales.

Tiene la constitución Muchos Oyos Donde el Asgardians Puede Ser agredido por las Autoridades pecan Consecuencia f para Ellos.

he escrito en español, pero la pagina modifica algunas palabras y las hace Mayúsculas.

***MOD EDIT, English translation using Google Translate***

The monarchy WAS A great surprise, but I am not against Why I do not like the UN Political Parties That provoke vicious circle of Power and Corruption. But I ALSO LIKE That the Father of the Nation and the bosses enjoy impunity and at the end of High Security Boss of His Work. The monarchy WAS A great surprise, but I am not against Why I do not like the Political Parties of The UN That provoke vicious circle of Power and Corruption. But I ALSO LIKE That The Father of the Nation and the Chiefs enjoy impunity and the end of High Security Boss of His Job As.

Many are thinking that Mr. Igor wants to be King.

A constitution requires clarification and details of legal proceedings.

It has the constitution Many Oyos Where the Asgardians can be assaulted by the Authorities sin Consequence f for Them.

I have written in Spanish, but the page modifies some words and makes them capital letters.

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May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 22:43 UTC

A constitutional monarchy sounds good on principle but I see lots of issues on equality "we are all equal" but oh there's one person above all of you. I think a position that suggests authority but cooperation would a "Chancellor" and I could see it being a life-long term considering they start at 40 - 45 with a maximum age of 65 at starting the office to promote stability within the nation. The process of selecting a new Chancellor are agreeable as set expect for the hereditary aspect, a person should work for this position not simply born into it, the Chancellor may suggested a relative but this holds no sway and must complete the process as usual.

I like to think of Asgardia as a massive non-profit organization where we, the citizens, are board members and MPs are our proxys and the Chancellor would be our CEO seeing to the day to day actions and administrating the Ministries and representing us as an Nation and general governing but can have emergency powers in moments of crisis, for a set time, by Parliament. 

The Chancellor Issuing new laws that impact Asgardia as a whole can be issued but only with a referendum vote by the people in an massive voting occurance within a week's time. If the people vote 'no' to it, the Chancellor may change it to be more agreeable with everybody (or majority vote 66.6%). Parliament may make laws for Asgardia as a whole like business usual.

MPs having to be 50 years old is far reaching considering the majority are 18 - 40 years old. A good average age would be 30+. Enough life experience and still have young energy to get the job done. And for a maximum of 3 (5-year terms) and to proportional to numbers in ethnicity to promote diversity within Parliament rather than Nations. Bear in mind they represent all of Asgardia and not just Thier Region or chapter. 

And taxes seem fair but should by reflective of the people as a whole rather than a set percentage, obviously people who are struggling cannot pay at certain amount but think of it as a non-profit each citizen should give what they can. Whether it be $50 or $5,000 but everyone must contribute to help further Asgardia's development and sustainability. 

With all these notes I feel that the people would have a more meaningful role within Asgardia. 

Thanks for your time.

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 22:47 UTC

I repost my statement from the general group.

My suggestions, don't use compromised words of the old system  as Ministry/minister, King, Royal Council.

Too many overlapping ministries. 1) Ministry of administrative affairs and Ministry of citizenship are overlapping, citizenship is a part of administrative affairs.2) Ministry of finance, Ministry of Trade and commerce, Ministry of Equity and resources are overlapping. 3) Ministry of justice and Ministry of safety and security are very doubtful,  the people have FREE WILL and don't need another shepherd. it must be Ministry of defense against external force. The new society needs only ONE CONSTITUTION with ground rules. The only possible measures for a large constitutional break can be warning, public reprimand and exclusion from the society. Judges are not needed, it brings corruption, the people could decide any court process with a direct vote. Any national policy could be decided with a direct vote of the entire population. The ultimate freedoms must be guaranteed, the right of self-defense (POSSESSION OF WEAPONS), the right of sacrosanct private property (no banks, no loans, no interest, no writ of executions, no taxes. no fees, no oligarchy), diplomatic status for every citizen, absence of job's slavery, absence of poverty. Before the peacemakers begin to criticize, bear in mind The State has 3 elements – nation, public authority and territory. As only the territory is in the secured area in the space, the nation and the authority is on the earth in the hostile states. So everyone needs diplomatic status and legal right of defense (legal weapons). Because of the same reason lawenforcers and judges are not needed. About religious issues, the religion is not prohibited,  it is prohibited the religious extremism of any religion. Satanic and demonic cults are not allowed. Finally it is needed a Ministry of Alternative science without dogmas.

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