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Re: **Discussion** on Asgardia Constitution  

@Scott Beach
What about "kingdoms"?

@Scott Beach
It is not clear that each member of the Parliament has the power to submit bills to the Parliament.  If the Head of Nation is the only one who has that power then the Parliament is going to be a rubber-stamp that is used to put a democratic sheen on an oligarchy.

I personally think that's very true at all (not the first time I'm saying that, on the other side).

@Scott Beach
This issue must be addressed soon.

I bet you'll find the king very reluctant to "address" this "issue" (which seems to me something made on purpose).

Cap 17, 01 / Dec 19, 17 20:06 UTC

My post here goes over the major constitutional autocratic problems that may lead to tyranny:

The Constitution of Asgardia: Stepping Stones to Tyranny

Can 24, 02 / Jun 13, 18 17:57 UTC

What about artificial intelligence?    I notice in the constitution many references to humans and humanity but general AI when it arrives will be a child of humanity so will it be invited to the party or do we not serve those kind here?   (asking for a friend)

Leo 01, 02 / Jun 18, 18 20:43 UTC

Hello Asgardians. I am a newbie in the community, but a couple of sharpest corners in the Constitution Draft met me immediately, and I tried to find a way to get rid of them.

It's mostly about Tyranny of the Majority and Subjectiveness of Morality problems.

I will be happy, if my thoughts will help to develop an optimal solution for these issues.

PS. It becomes not easy for non-english-speaking to read carefuly all the thread. Excuse me, if I have accidentally copied someone's ideas.

Leo 01, 02 / Jun 18, 18 22:30 UTC


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