Jun 13, 18 / Can 24, 02 17:57 UTC

Re:**Discussion** on Asgardia Constitution  

What about artificial intelligence?    I notice in the constitution many references to humans and humanity but general AI when it arrives will be a child of humanity so will it be invited to the party or do we not serve those kind here?   (asking for a friend)

Jun 18, 18 / Leo 01, 02 20:43 UTC

Hello Asgardians. I am a newbie in the community, but a couple of sharpest corners in the Constitution Draft met me immediately, and I tried to find a way to get rid of them.

It's mostly about Tyranny of the Majority and Subjectiveness of Morality problems.


I will be happy, if my thoughts will help to develop an optimal solution for these issues.

PS. It becomes not easy for non-english-speaking to read carefuly all the thread. Excuse me, if I have accidentally copied someone's ideas.

Jun 18, 18 / Leo 01, 02 22:30 UTC


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