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Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 07:08 UTC

How to change the Constitution  

Hi Guys,

I see several topics where people discuss changes to the Constitution. At least 2 of them have a good approach by incorporating community comments into their versions.

The problem is, that compiling a document is not the end of the story. The changes must be reviewed by other citizens and lawmakers if the changes make sense. Additionally, I would like to see a democratic process of doing so. Citizens should propose changes and the proposals must be voted for to ensure the majority accepts the change. Not just a group of people discussing it.

I would like to propose a procedure to change the constitution in a democratic process. This is the first draft of how this procedure might look like and I ask everybody to provide their feedback. please keep in mind, that this is a theoretical concept without any idea of how to implement this procedure.

If it become clear, that you think that this might be a good idea, I would like to propose this to the officials to implement this feature in the forum. I guess they are already working on something like that, because we will have more votes in the future and the current system do not support any procedure matching out needs.

SOP Proposal - Constitution Referendum

  1. - this SOP applies for a (well defined and agreed on) number of cycles
  2. - this SOP is intended to support the process creating a draft Constitution of Asgardia which will be put for vote after the number of cycles described below have been completed
  3. - at the end of each cycle the approved changes are incorporated into the current state of the constitution
  4. - the process to change the constitution cannot be changed
  5. - rights afforded to citizens cannot be removed but may be added onto
  6. - all citizens are allowed to submit a change request for the constitution or SoU
  7. - changes must not contradict the Core Values of Asgardia
  8. - each change applied to the constitution or SoU is labeled with an identifier (revision number - since a change may be subject to refer to in other change request)
  9. - each request can be rated up or down by all citizens
  10. - each request passes 3 states: draft, review, final/rejected
  11. - each request remains for the following period in the given state:
    - l weeks period for status draft
    - m weeks period for status review
  12. - votes are scheduled not more than once every n (l + m (+ z) ?) weeks
  13. - request (draft)
    - subjects to discussion and change
    - only 'draft' requests are subject for up/down rating
    //- after l weeks period, top x rated requests are submitted for review
    //- requests having negative rating are removed for the next cycle
    <-- additional state?
    <-- submit the (top rated) requests to the legislators for a period of z weeks to check if/how can be implemented
    <-- the legislators cannot change or alter the change request
    <-- the legislators can approve a request and return for vote
    <-- if the legislators see issues by applying the change as submitted they must
    <--     - provide a detailed description of the issue
    <--     - reasoning to drop the request (if necessary)
    <--     - provide a recommendation for change of the request to be accepted in the future
    <-- changed request as recommended by the legislators is handled as a new draft request
    <-- what then? Back to vote?
  14. - request (review)
    - request is subject for vote by the citizens
    - the following vote options are mandatory
        - yes/accept
        - no/reject
        - no vote (for whatever reasons)
        - protest (reject to participate)
    - additional vote option can be added on demand
  15. - request (final/rejected)
    - all 'review' requests are compiled and voted upon at once
    - in case of yes/accept the change is applied to the target and is labeled. the state of the request is final
    - in case of no/reject the request is archived and is labeled. the state of the request is rejected

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Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 07:25 UTC

Yo Mate,

Why you can't change the vote?

Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 07:29 UTC

  • - Do you want to change your vote?
  • - Why?
  • - When? (at which point?)

edit: oh, you mean the topic.. now you can change

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