Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:01 UTC

I do NOT accept the Constitution  

I do not agree with many of the laws and terms set forth in the constitution.

Firstly, why should Asgardia be called a Kingdom? Are they anticipating a legal motion to institute a King? I do not agree to being ruled by a monarch of any kind.

Secondly, I am very concerned about the long term repercussions of Asgardia's Absolute Supreme Value. Infinite expansion, while noble in theory, may not be the best policy when resources are quite obviously finite in our finite reach. We are already seeing the consequences of believing you can push your end line infinitely. I would agree with a constitution that acknowledges that humanity is limited and should strive for sustainability for as long as possible.

Thirdly, I do not agree with the separation and constitution of powers as they are. I believe we should design a different separation of powers, something unprecedented and as far from the American model as possible. While a Government by the People sounds like a noble idea, Socrates already had some thoughts against it, mainly: not everyone is fit to govern, vote or participate in public life. I would rather have a Government for the People, in which the government strives to take the best care of citizenry by appointing the most qualified people for every office in question. Maybe if we had a Managerial Power and an Auditory Power? The first would govern and build while the second would survey and judge. They would be occupied based on technocratic and meritocratic nominations and deposed based on referenda. Just a thought.

Fourthly, I do not agree with the implementation of a set number of official languages, nor do I agree to strive for the construction and implementation of a single Asgardian language. I know acknowledging all languages as culturally relevant can be a strain on resources as a greater number of translators would be needed to cope with the diversity influx. I still believe it is important to protect cultural diversity over administrative pragmatism.

Fifthly, I am very worried about the implementation of currency and taxation, specially early on as the implementation and acceptance of this constitution would automatically mean all of us would have to pay taxes to support a nation that has few assets, no territory, no institutions and no international recognition.

Finally, I am not at all happy with having preconstitutional privileges conditioned to the acceptance of this constitution. They're basically bribing us with file space in Asgardia-1 in exchange for our vote. So, I am to waste 500 KB in space because I didn't comply with the Kingdom of Asgardia when it most needed my vote against?

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:14 UTC

I feel similarly. The agism in the founding constitution is worriesome. I have to be 40 before I can have a say in who represents me in parliament? I can only elect people between the age of 50-65? There seems to be no breaks on the Head of States decrees so long as they don't explicitly contradict the constitution. There also seems to be no restrictions on Taxation or even a requirement that taxation be voted on by the people, a founding right in many countries. 

I'm particularly concerned that we are calling this a vote when there is no 'No' option. I can't even abandon my Asgardian citizenship if I don't want to rubber-stamp the constitution. I can either agree or stay mum and wait for the consequences. 

This thing desperatly needs the equivalent of a American-style 'bill of rights', but there's no outlet for that. We went from democracy to autocracy in a single document.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:15 UTC

  • Really? No proof reading on something this important?? The entire thing needs to be rewritten from scratch without the pigheaded male chauvinistic fascist elitism in it. Just in the damned opening are so many issues that it needs to be tossed completely. I will never "SUBMIT" to this!

  • Asgardia is a free and unified, and uniquely multicultural and multi-ethnic Space Kingdom.
  • The objectives of Asgardia are:
    • To ensure permanent peace in space;
    • To    ensure equal opportunities in space for all Asgardians residing on    Earth, regardless of geographic, financial, technological and other    specificities of the countries of their Earthly citizenship;
    • To ensure the safeguarding of planet Earth and the entire humankind.
    • To ensure equal opportunities in space for all citizens of planet Earth, especially those living in the developing countries
  • Any    resident of Earth can become a citizen of Asgardia, as long as he    assents in the Declaration, and abides by the Constitution and the    legislation of Asgardia.


  • All inclusive version: (changes in bold of course)

  • Asgardia is a free and unified Space Government.
  • The objectives of Asgardia are:
    • To promote permanent peace in space. ("Ensure" here would eventually create a police state)
    • To promote equal opportunities in space for all Asgardians, regardless of geographic, financial, technological, or other specificities of the countries of their planetary citizenship.
    • To ensure the safeguarding of all planets and the entirety of Asgardians. (I left ensure here because war happens)
    • To ensure equal opportunities in space for all citizens.
  • Anyone  can become a citizen of Asgardia, as long as THEY (he (really he?))  assent to the Declaration, and abide by the Constitution and the  legislation of Asgardia. (This line could/should be changed to just  "anyone can join".)
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Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:50 UTC

There are a great many folks who feel as you do, and we are awaiting the outcome of the voting to see if we are starting over, or if things will be progressing without us.


Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 18:14 UTC

If the alternative is to enable a rich space king to rule using outdated institutions, I think I would rather renege my Asgardian citizenship or allow the Asgardian government to strip me of it after ceasing to honor all my citizenship duties.

Other, much better space nations will emerge and, if Asgardia continues ignoring the intelligentsia, their only legacy will be reduced to "First!"

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Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 18:56 UTC

I feel the same. I can't  accept a new country based in something so old. A monarchy is totally unacceptable. It's an oligarchy's costume know and old. 

In addition, one of the basics rules is: Obey Asgardia's laws. But, this laws are emanated from a democratic source or from the Head of the States???

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 14:09 UTC

I invite everyone to add your comments and concerns to this thread I have setup.

Discussion of the Second draft Constitution

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 16:56 UTC

I vote No

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 16:57 UTC

I also want you to invite to the petition against the constitution and the voting system

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Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 17:27 UTC

No one seemed to notice one of the more major problems of the constitution, that little clause that says you can be removed from citizenship. Taxation? No thanks. I like the government by the people concept, though this is a nation like any other so eventually democracy will fall and a despot will rise, I think that is what they are anticipating by calling it a kingdom, I think they are anticipating the normal cycle of political fallout that all nations go through. Not gonna sign this. Get rid of taxes, get rid of removing people from citizenship based on the arbitrariness of group think, recognize that human life, consciousness, and resources are indeed finite, and then maybe we can talk.

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 06:09 UTC

I also say no to that Constitution

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 19:31 UTC

I joined up but will not be participating any further than "lurker status" until the age stuff is fixed. That's just silly.

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 22:36 UTC

I am one of the 100k elite and I am outraged by the way Asgardia has now been founded. 

We were attracted by beautiful lies and, now that the Constitution was passed with mere 33k votes instead of 50% of the population voting, I see that Asgardia would be no better than any other already existing nation, despite its marketing department best efforts to convince us otherwise. They are already preparing for elections and opening a forum for petitions, even though the intelligentsia has already spoken against the very core of this system.

I will suffer this parody no longer. I hereby renege any claims or privileges I would have had to Asgardian citizenship and I am contacting citizens@asgardia.space to get my name formally deleted from their register.

I leave with a heavy heart watching how a great many will be stuck in a matrix of lies and empty promises. May Asgardia serve as an example to close observers as to what ultimately awaits those who dare to repeat history.

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 10:33 UTC

I reject this Constitution, for the reason explained in this post by others, and I add: why the head of the state can select a candidated? Yeah it's seem really a kingdom, something very old in this days.

Constitution must be rewritten almost from scratch.

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 15:10 UTC

I agree, kingdom is not accpetable. And some other things i noticed at my first loook

From the declaration, in contradiction to the freedom of organize groups article:
9. Asgardia has no place for political parties. However, every Asgardian can
freely participate in the political life on Earth.

A kind of censorship article since the meaning of "morality" is subjective:
Article 22. Security of Citizens
5. Asgardia shall prohibit any propaganda of immoral and antisocial behaviour,
and any production and circulation of information on any storage media,
which contains mass information, that is harmful to morality and/or aims to
undermine or diminish its Supreme Values.

The constitution and the form of political representation was created without referendum, i did not received any kind of comunication about the creation of the constitutuion, i can't agree with something tha was not disccussed widely with the people it wants to rule.


Eu concordo, reino não é viável. E algumas outras coisas que notei no primeiro momento

Da declaração, em contradição com o artigo da liberdade de organizar grupos
9. Asgardia não tem lugar para os partidos políticos. No entanto, todos os Asgardianos podem
Participar livremente da vida política na Terra.

Um tipo de artigo de censura, uma vez que o significado de "moralidade" é subjetivo
Artigo 22. Segurança dos cidadãos


5. Asgardia proibirá qualquer propaganda de comportamento imoral e antisocial,
E qualquer produção e circulação de informações em qualquer meio de armazenamento,
Que contém informações de massa, que são prejudiciais para a moralidade e / ou visa
Minar ou diminuir seus valores supremos.


A constituição e a forma de representação política foram criadas sem referendo, não recebi nenhum tipo de comunicação sobre a criação da constituição, não posso concordar com algo que não foi amplamente discutido com as pessoas que deseja governar.