Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 02:00 UTC

My Thoughts and Questions on the Draft Constitution  

"A child gains space citizenship of Asgardia at birth if one or both parents or the only parent is/are space citizens of Asgardia. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen on the request of his/her parent(s) who are citizens of Asgardia."

What about a child who is in the care of a guardian? Does this mean they must be adopted first?

"freedom of the individual and freedom of speech are inviolable"

What is meant by "freedom of the individual"? Obviously we are not free to do everything we please since that would violate Article 9.

Does this mean we have freedom to peacefully protest?

"Failure to perform citizen obligations or failure to perform them properlymay lead to permanent revocation of Asgardian citizenship, suspension of Asgardian citizenship, fines, restriction and/or permanent revocation of access to Asgardia’s electronic resources in accordance with the law of Asgardia. The death penalty is prohibited in Asgardia. The creation of prisons is prohibited in Asgardia."

Prohibiting prisons seems a bit extreme. This means no jail either, right? So, for example, if someone in space murders another person, we'll banish them and send them back to earth? Whose going to pay the expenses of transporting this person back to earth if they have no money?

"Asgardia’s currency is the Gor."

Surely we can come up with a better currency name than "Gor." It looks like "gör," which in german means "brat." Even "Stella Monetæ" (Latin for "star currency") would be better in my opinion. Why not have a competition for currency name?

"Propaganda of superiority and inequality is prohibited. Asgardia prohibits racist, Nazi, fascist and other similar ideologies in their historical and new forms."

Wait a second, there's freedom of speech but ideologies of superiority and inequality are prohibited? Who defines what are ideologies of superiority and inequality? Doesn't this mean we only have limited free speech, not true free speech? I am no fan of hate speech, yet it is unsettling to see bounds placed on free speech in order to attempt to solve the problem.

"The second and subsequent Heads of State may be any Asgardian citizen over the age of 40 and under the age of 65 who has held space citizenship for at least  ve years prior to being nominated, who has the physical and mental health to perform the duties of Head of State."

"Members of the Royal Council of Supreme Values may be any Asgardian citizens nominated by the Chairman or Head of State aged between 60 and 80 who have particular achievements in the area of statecra , economics, science, culture, art, education, rule of law, healthcare, human rights and freedoms, parenting, sports, charity and/or other public or government achievements."

"Members of Parliament are elected for terms of  ve years from among Asgardian citizens who have reached the age of 50."

Why such high and restrictive age ranges? Asgardia's own Level 2 Questionnaire says "the average verified Asgardian is a male between the ages of 18 to 35." (See https://asgardia.space/en/page/chronicles/gender-equity-now-and-beyond ) This means the average Asgardian will be unable to be elected to these roles. 30 years old seems like much more reasonable minimum limit.

As people live longer the maximum age limit will need to be proportionally adjusted in time, particularly if it isn't increased at all in the final document.

"All Asgardian revenue and expenditure must be included in the budget, which must be balanced."

I very much hope this makes it to the final document. There should be a clause though for in times of emergency that allows suspension of the requirement for a balanced budget (i.e. in order to destroy a planet-killer asteroid on a collision course). Balanced budgets are fantastic, yet they won't matter if no one lives to appreciate them.

Is there a way for citizens to petition for legislation (or it's repeal)? Did I miss it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 02:37 UTC

@Expir1mental you bring up many valid issues. I would like to ask the admins what happened to "Discussions of the Draft Constitution" ?  Is there to be no revision issued?  What is the document we will be voting on?  As it stands I cannot support it, regardless of the impact on my citizenship.

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 14:18 UTC

The problem that I see with a criminal background check is that it could be disproportional. In some countries, someone could have been arrested for as little as speaking out against the government. I understand what you are saying but it could also be a double edge sword.

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 02:56 UTC

You had great points; and after going over the drat myself; I would like to discuss the following.

Article 4 :Supreme Values of Asgardia

(4.G)Supremacy of Asgardian Laws

This implies that we have some form of right to force our will on other Nation States- be on earth or other developing space nations.  We do not.

(7) It is prohibited to undermine or diminish the Supreme Values of Asgardia.  Asgardia and its citizens shall implement and protect its Supreme Values from internal and external infringement.

This is very open-ended statement.  This clause Jeopardizes freedom of speech and ideology of individuals. (Which is later 'protected' in Article 8.4.a/b)

Article 8: Rights and freedoms of Citizens

(9) Citizen rights and freedoms may only be restricted by Asgardia's laws to the extent authorized by Asgardia's Constitution, and that is required to protect Asgardia's national interest, ensure Asgardia's Safety, security, and the performance of its mission and Supreme Values, and protect the rights and legal interests of other Asgardian Citizens.

A clause to allow the government the power to negate individual freedoms as those in power see fit.  Very dangerous.

Article 12. Natural Resources

(2) Asgardia shall use space resources in accordance with international space law.

I can't help but think this would inherently slow down the progress of the Asgardian Nation.  If no other nation is in space; why can they establish a Law over us?

Article 16: Government by the People

This entire article is basically a 'TBD' guideline for determining voting and removal of officials.  But does not detail how.

Article 18. Equality of Dignity for All

(3) The views of people and Asgardian citizens about human dignity shall be formed and fostered through education, parenting, propaganda, and the media, in accordance with Asgardia's Supreme Values.

The government is flat out planning to brainwash future generations of citizens - as opposed to allowing free thought and philosophy.

Article 22. Security of Citizens

(5) Asgardia shall prohibit any propaganda of immoral and antisocial behavior, and any production and circulation of information on any storage media, which contains mass information, that is harmful to morality and/or aims to undermine or diminish its Supreme Values.

This is another clause to give the government the right to arrest/persecute anyone whom has or will have in the future any ideological differences to those governing.  These clauses are dangerous - while not intended to be.  Say 200 years from now; when we are long gone from this planet or the stations; this will give those in power the ability to determine what is and is not acceptable and do as they please.

Article 32. Asgardia's Head of Nation

(5) The second and subsequent Heads of Nation can be any Asgardian Citizen over the age of 50 and under the age of 65, who has held space citizenship for at least five years prior to being nominated, and who has the physical and mental health to perform the duties of Head of Nation.

This seems a bit too small a range; there will be times where the best qualified individuals to lead Asgard will be disqualified based on this age restriction.  Since no time-limit of post is presented I'm to believe that the holder of this position will be the Head of Nation until either death or hitting the age of 82.

Say for example; the most ideal candidate is 46; but the current Head of Nation is 81.  This candidate can not participate and due to the longevity of the position - will NEVER have the chance to.

Article 33. Parliament

(2) The Parliament shall consist of 150 member selected from all-national equal direct elections on the basis of language in proportion to the 12 official languages of Asgardia, taking into account an allocation to other language representatives in accordance with Asgardia's Laws.

150 representatives divided by 12 is 12.5.  This is inherently unequal; as 6 'languages' will have a minor disadvantage.  Though after consideration; why base this position on the spoken tongue?  The good should rise; not be held back by something as abstract as to what they can speak.

(3) Members of Parliament shall be elected for a term of five years from among Asgardian citizens who have reached the age of 40.

40?  Lets go for 25.  "In with the new; out with the old."  This limits the ability of youth to actively participate in their government.  We need to stay fresh; as ideas and philosophy will constantly change- and shouldn't be stagnated by such a strict age participation.

(9) The Head of Nation may dissolve the Parliament.  The Prosecutor General may also propose the dissolution of Parliament to the Court.  If the Court is satisfied with the arguments made in favor of dissolution, it may dissolve the Parliament in accordance with the parliamentary law.

WHAT????  At their whim; a Head of Nation can simply dissolve the Parliament?  This is VERY DANGEROUS.  200 years from now; when we accidently have an Asshat Head of Nation; we suddenly lose our protection from him.  This needs to be removed from the constitution completely.

Article 38. National Audio Office of Asgardia

This entire Article is unnecessary; based on failing Earthly Capitalist Government Bodies.  This System is the assumption that we will design a hard to understand and follow Taxation laws.   We are a developing nation - with a new financial system 'SOLAR.'  If this is credit based; we can autonomously monitor how funds are used and tax appropriately in real time.  No need for this arm; that in turn will waste governing funds.  (Paying out funds to a 'Chairman of The Office' and auditors)

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 05:54 UTC

I invite everyone to add your comments and concerns to this thread I have setup.

Discussion of the Second draft Constitution

Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 14:32 UTC

With regards to Article 18. Equality of Dignity for All

§4)Propaganda of superiority and inequality is prohibited. Asgardia prohibits racist, Nazi, fascist and other similar ideologies in their historical and new forms.” 

I agree with previous statements, that it could lead down a "slippery slope" and be utilised to rebuff criticisms of the State (or Kingdom - a term I strongly disagree with). Aside from it being a conflict with the “freedom of speech” (Chapter 3, Article 8§4a), I fear that prescriptively and specifically identifying (by name) only right wing ideologies will present problems. There are issues with all ideologies when taken to their extreme or corrupted to suit the needs of a few. Communism, in its numerous flawed applications, has proven just as dangerous as Nazism. Being too specific about the ideologies that we will "prohibit" will  only present problems. I don't know the answer, but the wording as it stands must be changed.