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Powers Structure citing Earthly Examples. The Civic Power  

If someone have already maken a topic about this, please send me the link !!

I would like to call all you people to watch what is happening in South America right now. Look at Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela. Every country in South America has the structure of powers inspired in the structure of US powers ( i just take out the English Guyana and Suriname which i don't know and i don't have sure about it, and of course, French Guyane ( that have another questions with strike, watch that too, i won't talk about it here.)).

In Brazil, the institutions responsible to investigate had uncovered a lot of corruption episodes involving the governmental party PT, who was coligated with PMDB that has the two houses at congress and betrayed PT aproving the impeachment. PMDB now united with PSDB from the old oposition, whose represent the big bussiness men from industries and agropecuary fields. Question is that the 3 parties are involved in corruptions scandals and PSDB is cited same as PT and the judges simply don't judge these cases. PMDB which had the most infamous low house leader Eduardo Cunha is also cited as much as PT and is consensually the most corrupt party in Brazil, their members are not punished as much as PT's members, however, here we all are hoping for a change about that, since PMDB assumed the government and led it to a pollitical instability. Eduardo Cunha, the infamous lower house president who was key for the impeachment of PT is now imprisoned for 15 years (for those who want to look for the full story i may write it in comments if you wish to), he lost his cargo, and was imprisoned right before the impeachment of PT. Now im Brazil, as PMDB has the president, and the two houses of congress, with the help of PSDB, they are voting lots of absurds in congress, which are contribution for political instability. Brazilian supreme court the STF, have some ministries of justice who are always in side of PMDB, even if they have to change their concepts of justice for judging PT to judge PMDB. Local situation here. The Executive Power and the Legislative Power are working together to stop the investigations and forcing absurd laws against people. Also are trying to make a deal with the STF, the judiciary power which, in partnership with investigation's institutions and the Attorney of the Republic can take out these corrupts of the three powers.

Look at Venezuela !!!! Nicolas Maduro assumed the country from the hands of Hugo Chavez, Venezuelans are living like a post civil war period, where because of inflation they have missing essencial things for life such as food, higienical paper, tooth paste and other things. Violence is in inevitable growth. The legislative power had in it's majority formed by politicians from the oposition and were getting Maduro a headache. But Maduro, with it's powers had made a lot of maneuvers to do what he wanted without the aproval of the assembly (the legislative power), and that is possible having a pact with the supreme court, the Judiciary Power. Now Maduro closed the Legislative Power, and in place made his Puppets of the Supreme Court to assume the place of the Assembly, even the chavist attorney of republic condemned what Maduro have done ( also venezuela was suspended from the MERCOSUR because of their situation, check also that if you want or ask me to tell about it in coments).

And specially, look at Paraguay. Some people say that Brazil made a paraguayan coup in impeachment process because of the paraguayan impeachment of Fernando Lugo. These collocations are being rejected, since in paraguay the aproval of impeachment was the will of their population, while in Brazil the impeachment was asked for a part of the divided population, who people may say are not the majority. If the impeachment of PT's president of Brazil was a coup ( i personally think it is) the responsible for that is Eduardo Cunha who used these portion of the population to make the impeachment. Because of the impeachment, Paraguay was temporarily suspended from MERCOSUR. Elections happened and people voted for Horacio Cartes to President. In the legislation of Paraguay, those who run to president and get elected, can never be elected anymore for any cargo, save this information. These days the Paraguayan congress had a secret session to vote for the possible of the president to be reelected, and that was an agreement with the governamental party, and the oposition party. Like Brazil, paraguay have more parties than just two, but the two big parties are the massive majority at the houses, and could make this bill be accepted. So the small parties members told the population about the secret session that was going and the paraguayan people went in conflict with the police and set fire in the Congress !!! Conflict went all over throw the country and a manifestant was killed by police with a shoot !!! While a lot of people have been injuried !!

The fact that i want to tell you is that, these 3 governments are totally agains the people's will, they are going on by men who were once voted and that people don't aprove anymore !!! If people don't aproove them anymore... What are they still doing there ??? Because the laws do not allow a popular dissolution of the assemblies and congresses ( or parliaments) and a popular impeachment of their presidents !! That's where i argue that Asgardia Should do !!!! To make the civil power the 5th power !! Which is the power that votes for the Head of Nation and the Parliament members, but also may call for veto the parliament and the head, and also to make the impeachment of the Head and to dissolve the Parliament !!! I ask you all to discuss that and to not commit the mistake of making just 3 powers bigger than the people !!!

Sorry i got too long, i hope you read all and get in thread !!!

P.S.: The 4th Power in my opinion should be the scientifical power, which i may argue later

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 04:31 UTC

I found your idea very interesting.  The American checks-and-balances system does seem to err in that individual voters only check is through the electoral process, which has become balanced through the two party system as a sort of limited veto power and in that there is no Federal recall process, nor even a guaranteed recall mechanism at the state and local level.

Has any country ever used dissolution by popular vote before?  A cursory Google search didn't turn up anything, but I'm not quite sure what to call it or if there is an existing term for this idea.  I am not in favor of Asgardia trying anything experimental in the government.