Hi Everyone,

It was quite a read and there are a number of opinions that arose in the reading of the Constitution draft. Concerning recognition of citizenship and assurity; I don’t see the mention of the rights of Gays or Transgenders. I don’t read anything that implies that there are any recognized rights. 

I don’t see any rights that ensure that racism would not exist. You may say that it is implicit but we have seen that historically implicit and definitive are separate from each other. 

The Supreme Values does not make room for those who cannot propagate or refuse to propagate.

There exists only rights for those who are ‘birthed’. In the long term or looking into the future, based on current scientific, medical or scientific experimentation or future developements, there could be those who are not ‘birthed’ but rather cloned whether it is in the Nation itself or a nation of ‘Earth’. There could also be or arise technologies that allow for transplantation of head or mind either into a another body or even mechanical in nature. In that case, does a person still have rights or not? Can an argument be made that a person does not because of certain percentage is birthed or not birthed? There also exists within this draft, no protections for the disabled nor a clear definition of the question of the rights of sentient life or the definition of life. These also can be areas of dispute and raise possibilites for prejudice and violence.

As for government and governmental powers, monarchial systems whether historical or current have clearly shown that such can spiral out of control easily and be more harmful to a society than good. A Head of State should not be a birthright but should be a right by election to ensure the rights of self-governance. It also should not be a permanent position but one that has a term limit to avoid the possibility of ‘dictatorial rule’. There should also be a separation of powers to ensure that citizens have a right of proper redress.

These are but a few that should not be amendable for a future date but basic and definitive. Referendums can be advantageous but they can also be restrictive. How are rights protected and ensured if they can easily be voted away? Morality is not defined in this document so morality can be decided by will rather than be right.

This space nation was a great idea but in the absence of these basic assurances of freedom to ‘BE’ I cannot in good conscience be part of the formation and existence of another sytem that does not garauntee that freedoms and rights are inherent or intrinsic.

But thank you for the initial citizenship opportunity.