Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 19:41 UTC

"Vote for the Constitution" page  

So there is a box for "yes" but no box for "Um... nope." How do I vote no on this thing?

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 06:47 UTC

You dont. You simply leave. Master Ash rules!

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 21:13 UTC

Put in a request for deletion of my information and waiving of my citizenship about 5 days ago.

Jun 26, 17 / Leo 09, 01 02:12 UTC

I think the constitution voting should be broken down section by section, with commenting available. This way voters can support sections they approve of, and make arguments and suggestions about sections they dont like. Commenting can be limited to one comment per citizen per section, with comment editing as the mechanism for updating opinions. Comments can be viewed by section, or by citizen. Each citizen would therefore have a "page" listing all o their comments, section by section, which they can access and share/link, and also each section would have a list of comments that can be rated and ranked, with an emphasis desired on ranking before commenting to bring supported ideas more attention, and also with citizen ranking actions visible alongside their comments. (So if a citizen ranks a comment, that comment will be linked in that section of that citizens personal comments page, meaning you dont have to make a comment to have a visible political portfolio item on that section of the constitiution).

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Jun 26, 17 / Leo 09, 01 11:27 UTC

THIS is how you vote "no" on the Constitution, at the moment. (Besides abstaining from voting altogether.)



Jun 27, 17 / Leo 10, 01 04:31 UTC

I must say, I too find it odd the only choice is to Accept. Personally I have reservations about the ambiguity of some of the language, mainly surrounding things like morality and healthy lifestyles, etc. Many sections make no mention of how they will do the things they put forward. This is all very important information.

Jul 3, 17 / Leo 16, 01 22:26 UTC

With regards as to why there isn't a no option when "voting" for the constitution, its because you aren't actually voting. You are agreeing to and signing a petition. To vote you must have a choice, all they are doing is gathering signatures and calling it voting. Why the misdirection I'm not sure, but in this instance I think it would do everyone well to listen to their gut and not ignore the bells and buzzers that are going off on our collective BS'o'meters.

Jul 3, 17 / Leo 16, 01 23:08 UTC

Actually, Grin, a lot of people are just wanting to belong to something so they are agreeing first with the impression that if they don't like things they can either leave or change things after agreeing.

From a US Legal standpoint, this whole thing is unenforceable, but other countries may vary and it may not be possible to get out of it in some countries. Thus, not everyone who agrees to this may be able to get out of it.

The idea that those in power would allow change to reduce their power, especially given how fervently people have opposed the granting of that power in the first place seems to place faith in spite of the facts. I, personally, do not expect the Constitution to be changed significantly once this project gets started.

But, for those who believe that faith is more important than reason, they will be led like the sheep they are.


Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 18:42 UTC

I am out, just sent the email a second ago. This smelled like Amway when it started and now I'm certain.

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 21:01 UTC


I believe the option to self remove has been implemented on the profile page. 

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 21:29 UTC

Xeen, very sorry to see you go. I'm not sure if you meant to send the email to be removed, or if you were referring to the new ability to automatically be removed. Either way, just to let you know, you now have the ability, through your personal profile settings page, to be automatically removed without having to wait for Asgardia Official to complete the process. 

Here is a link on what happens, and how to complete the process:  Asgardia - The Space Nation

Again, sorry to see you go, but good luck to you!


Aug 1, 17 / Vir 17, 01 20:14 UTC

This is a dictatorship. Somehow the ones who didn't vote for the "constitution" are censored and its user capabilities are limited. In my case, I am not able to create themes in forums neither to create a personal blog post.

A constitution is something you do WITH THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE UNDER ITS RULE, not closed door with the lobby, adding terms to create a nasty and dirty monarchy-dictatorship.

Sep 13, 18 / Sco 04, 02 11:07 UTC

Well i dont think i want to vote for this constitution, i would rather do a writer essay on it instead, i think that is a way better idea here than what you are saying, think over it okay !

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